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5 Keto Tools That Will Absolutely Help You Succeed

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In this post, I’m going to share some keto tools with you that I think are essential. They will absolutely make your keto diet easier and we can all agree that the easier things are, the more likely we are to continue to do them.

If you can’t buy them all now, put them on your wishlist for later. Hello birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gifts!

5 essential keto tools for success.

If you are looking for Keto tips for success then I find that often the tools needed that make my life easier are the best kind of tools. When things  help me to have less stress then I often find that I have more success.

The Keto Diet is one that might feel difficult at the beginning but with the right tools it is a great Ketogenic lifestyle for everyone. You might also like the top rated Keto Treats on Amazon and most popular Keto Cookbooks.

If you are a Ketogenic Diet Beginner we have lots of content to help you every step of the way. Just search "Keto" in the side bar for all of our posts. Here are some great Ketogenic Tools that you will love!

5 Keto Tools That Will Absolutely Help You Succeed

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  1. AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Why I love this keto tool:

It’s so frustrating to try and enter a food in your weight loss app only to discover that the serving size is in grams.

Not only that, but when’s the last time you think you accurately measured out exactly 2 ounces of a food? If you’re like me, never.

We think we’re pretty great at “guesstimating” a portion when actually we’re terrible at it.

If you’re experiencing a keto plateau and the weight refuses to come off, it’s a good bet that you're taking in more carbs and calories than you know because of inaccurate serving sizes.

Everyone on a keto diet should have one.

This particular scale is portable and battery operated so it can go with you when you travel.

  1. Vegetable Spiralizer and Cutter

Why I love this keto tool:

You probably miss noodles. I know you do. We all do! I’m excited to tell you that this spiralizer magically turns vegetables into noodles!

One medium zucchini has only 4 net carbs. Push it through the spiralizer and you have beautiful, delicious, low-carb noodles.

Add a low-carb sauce and some rich cheese on top, and you’re in business. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

  1. Beech Wood Cheese Slicer

Why I love this keto tool:

Speaking of cheese, I’m mad for this cheese slicer. It will produce a perfect slice of cheese all the way down to a ⅛” sliver. That’s incredible.

It doesn’t matter how hard the cheese is, either. The stainless steel cutting wire makes it a breeze to cut uniform slices.

Most keto fans are used to making their own cheese crackers. You turn the oven to 300° and place some thinly sliced cheese on a parchment covered baking sheet. Sprinkle a little seasoning on top and 25 minutes later, you have low-carb cheesy goodness.

The hard part is getting the cheese thin enough so that you don’t end up with warm goo. This cheese slicer solves the problem. 

Prodyne Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer, 9 ½" x 6" x ⅞"
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  1. Digital Body Weight Scale

Why I love this keto tool:

People who do keto keep themselves accountable and on track by weighing themselves consistently. It’s critical to success.

When is the last time you bought a really great scale? Most of us use the same one for years and years with no inkling of how accurate it is.

Still have an analog scale? We have to fix that!

This particular scale has a super clear LCD display, which is helpful if your eyesight is a little less than 20/20. It’s accuracy is raved about on Amazon where it has more than 5500 reviews.

Bonus: I love the way it looks.

  1. FoodSaver 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Why I love this keto tool:

I’ve saved the best for last. There are so many reasons for everyone to love the FoodSaver. But keto folks? It’s a special kind of wonderful.

Let’s say you buy a large package of chicken, but your serving size is 4 ounces. That’s a lot of chicken you need to store.

The Foodsaver will keep that chicken safe and fresh up to 5x longer than it would be if you dropped it in a freezer bag. There’s no freezer burn, and you can seal individual portions so that your meals are quick and easy.

I suggest pre-cooking all sorts of proteins and neatly storing them in the freezer. You can even store steamed vegetables in single serve portions, just be sure you let them come to room temperature first.

If the investment is too much right now, make a goal to get one as soon as possible. Think of all the money you’ll save because you won’t be throwing away foods that you didn’t cook before the expiration date!

Those are my 5 absolute favorite keto tools and I think they could be yours, too. Do you currently own any of them? Are there others you would recommend? I’d love to know more.

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In Summary, my favorite Ketogenic tools include:

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