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Baymax Pumpkin Template #BigHero6 #MeetBaymax

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Diy Baymax pumpkin decoration instructions with a Baymax Pumpkin Template for carving.

Seriously, this Baymax Pumpkin is adorable! It is one of those, Why didn't I think of it, types of crafts! Have you decorated your pumpkins yet? We are going to the pumpkin patch today to pick out our pumpkins. I just might have to find myself the perfect Baymax pumpkin! The best things about this pumpkin is that you don't have to make a big mess, its adorable and your kids can do it themselves if they want! What a fun idea! You can download the Baymax Pumpkin Template here.

BIG HERO 6 style="color: #222222;"> opens in theaters everywhere on November 7th

Sharing is caring!