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If you love cozying up by the fire and are looking for the perfect Fall Recipe you will have to try our delicious Baked Beans Chili Mac.Baked Beans Chili Mac

This post is sponsored by Bush’s Beans.  All opinions are my own.

I grew up as a child in Minnesota.  When fall rolled around, the weather really started to cool down.  I remember many Halloweens when the weather was so cold that I wore my winter coat under my Halloween costume.  It was on these cold nights that I always looked forward to my moms “Halloween Stew.”  It was a Halloween tradition that she would make up a large pot of this Baked Beans Chili Mac and it would warm our bellies and satisfy our tastes buds before trick or treating.  It was a tradition that I always looked forward to when the weather cooled down and the smell of Baked Beans Chili Mac brings back many great childhood memories.

Baked Beans Chili Mac

Now that I am older and living in Utah, the weather still cools down nicely around Halloween time and I instantly add soups, chilis and stews to my menu plan.  There is something perfect about the changing colors of leafs, the cooler weather and a delicious bowl of Chili.  What a perfect way to embrace the warmth and coziness of the fall season. It is this time of year that I like to keep my BUSH’S® Beans on hand for my last-minute “warm-me-up meal needs. Not only do they make a delicious meal but they are perfect for an easy meal, healthy, inexpensive and perfect for entertaining! BUSH’S® Beans tastes great and are available at a Walmart near you.Baked Beans Chili MacEasy Baked Beans Chili Mac


Baked Beans
1 lb of bacon, cut in thick cubes
1 c. bbq sauce
1/4 c. brown sugar
2 cans BUSH’S® Reduced Sodium Pinto Beans

1T Butter
1 lb hamburger
1 can stewed tomatoes (sliced)
2 packages Sloppy Joe mix
2 cups elbow macaroni
6 cups water
1 medium onion, chopped


With this recipe, you will large skillet and a large pot.  You will make the baked beans and while they are cooking you will make the chili.

Baked Beans Chili Mac

In a large skillet, fry your bacon until crisped.  Stir in bbq sauce, brown sugar and BUSH’S® Reduced Sodium Pinto Beans. Mix well and bring to boil.  Cook in skillet on medium to low heat for 15 minutes while you make the rest of your chili.  Baked Beans Chili Mac

After your baked beans are cooking, you will use your large soup pot for the rest of the recipe.  Melt 1 T. of butter in bottom of soup pot and fry diced onions and ground beef until cooked.  Drain your grease when you are finished cooking the meat.  Baked Beans Chili Mac

Add stewed tomatoes, Sloppy Joe mix, elbow macaroni and water into the soup pot simmer until macaroni is soft. This only takes takes about 10 minutes.  If you want more of a soup than a chili, add 2 more cups of water.  Baked Beans Chili Mac

When your elbow macaroni is soft, stir in entire skillet of Baked Beans and mix until well combined.  Serve immediately.  This Baked Bean Chili Mac is delicious served in a pepper, over corn bread or drizzled with Cheese.   Baked Beans Chili Mac

This fall season, warm up with our delicious Baked Beans Chili Mac.Baked Beans Chili Mac

BUSH’S® Beans are the ultimate fall ingredient for creative recipes and available in many flavors and your local Walmart.

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