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PR Friendly




 We’re very excited to work with you! I  am the mom of four kids, ages 1,6, 9,12 and 14. We review products that we feel any family would be likely to use. We especially like finding products that are fun, practical, helpful, money-saving, cute, economical, and much more! If you have a product that you don’t think necessarily fits this but feel it is something that you want us to share, please contact me and we would love to work it out! We are excited to hear from you!
If we review your product/service/website, your review will include the following items:
  • A full blog post describing the product and our experiences with it.
  • Photographs of the product being used and/or photographs of the product.
  • A 125×125 pixel button linking back to your site if requested. 
We are willing to review products from anyone, whether you’re a large company, or selling a items on sites like etsy and want more exposure. We are open to reviewing almost anything family friendly made by anyone. We have the right to refuse any product if it does not meet with our family friendly standards.
All emails should be directed to
Please include Product Review or PR somewhere in your email title. 
Please include all relevant information on the product.
Be sure to include relevant information on the product you would like me to review. 
Upon receiving email, we will do our best to reply within 48 hours.
All products submitted for review will become property of reviewer.
Reviewed items will not be returned.
We are willing to reviewing any products.
We are open to reviewing products that may be beneficial to our family as a whole, or for individual members of our families. If you have something, but are unsure if we’d be interested, send us an email anyways!
We love hosting your giveaways!


Not only are giveaways a great way for you to gain attention for your product or company, but they are also a lot of fun for everyone! If you’re interesting in sponsoring a contest or giveaway in addition to a review, please let us know!

The giveaway item does not have to match the review item.

Giveaway only?
Interested in us hosting a giveaway only? No problem! For Giveaway rates, visit our Media Kit.
We do not to handle shipping costs.
At the end of a giveaway or contest, we will email you the winners information, and you can send off the winner’s prize.
Giveaways include links to your fan pages.
We are willing to list your facebook fan pages, twitter links, and other social networking pages as a way for users to earn additional entries into the contest!
Contests run 2 weeks.
Typically, all contest run one week. However, they can be longer or shorter at your request.
Additional Information:
Please email me at any time if you have a question. We are excited to work with you in reviewing your product and sharing it with our readers.