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Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

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I think Handprint Crafts are a really cute way to not only celebrate the holidays, but also document our kids cute growing hands. I have so many handprints saved from my kids and my favorite ones are always the most creative ones. These also make great preschool crafts or home school crafts because kids have so much fun doing them and they are so cute. You can make one for different letters you are studying, holidays or animals. There are so many fun handprint craft ideas. Since the leaves ares starting to change I want to share with you are Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft.

What you need:
White Cardstock
Orange Marker
Red Marker
Brown Marker
Paint in fall colors I prefer Crayola. (we used brown, red, purple, blue, orange and yellow)

1. Paint child's hand. Palm is brown and all fingers are different colors.
2. Place Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint on piece of cardstock.
3. When dry, with markers draw beak, eye, gobble and turkey feet.

This would be fun to do with all of your kids so you can see the difference in sizes. Don't forget to write the year on the back so you can repeat year after year and see your kids hand sizes grow!

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Sharing is caring!