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Thai Peanut Mahi Mahi Recipe

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ThaiPeanutMahiMahiRecipeThis recipe is delicious. The combination of the coconut oil and the PB2 makes it have such a delicious Thai flavor. The best part, is that they PB2 gives you more protein without the fat, and the seasoning gives extra flavor without the added salt. This is definitely a recipe that will impress. My wife is not a fish eater, so I make her this recipe with chicken when we cook. If you are needed to cook for more people, just multiple the ingredients times how many pieces of fish you have. This recipe is delicious, fast to make and great for you!

1 piece Mahi Mahi
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tbsp PB2
Kirkland salt free organic seasoning
Cayenne Peper

Heat up your pan on medium high heat. Add coconut oil and fish and sear. Sprinkle kirkland seasoning over top of fish. Cover for even cooking.

After two minutes, flip the fish (should be golden brown) and sprinkle on again kirkland season as well as PB2 over the fish (if you like spicy add your cayenne pepper here as you see fit, a little goes a long way).

Recover, reduce heat to just below medium and allow to finish cooking. The time depends on the piece of fish, the fish should almost want to fork apart. The fish will continue to cook for a minute or two once off the burner. So keep and eye on the fish. Usually about 10 to 15 minutes (8 minutes per inch of thickness).

Serve with grilled vegetables for a wonderfully full flavored and healthy meal.


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