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Summer Car Maintenance

IMG_0540Summer Car Maintenance

Everything has its time and season. Sometimes with car maintenance there are some things that go overlooked during the summer months. I currently live in a mountain desert climate. It's hot, hot, and hotter. It doesn't matter the climate or temperature, here are 3 important things you need to maintain during the summer:

1. Have functioning high quality wiper blades. The dry hot weather makes windshield wipers seem unimportant at times, but this one small piece of safety equipment can mean the difference in surprise inclement of a safe drive and a disastrous one. Whether a surprise thunderstorm that rolls in on the afternoon wind or an unexpected deep puddle splashing dirty water on your windshield, you want functioning high quality wiper blades ready for the flip of the switch. Night time driving in the summer rain can be dangerous as well. As your wiper blades struggle to remove the water adequately, the glare through the rain on your windshield can become blinding, leading to severely unsafe driving conditions.

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