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Buying a Used Car: Facts vs Myth

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Buying a used black minivan parked outdoors with green trees and a mountain in the background: fact vs. myth.


Buying a Used Car-Fact or Myth

Are you in the market to purchase a vehicle? Are you looking at a lease or a new car loan? Those new models sure look nice on the lot don't they! All shiny, lined up, freshly washed, and so many options to choose from. Not like the used car section, a hodge podge of makes and models. However for some people a used car is the best option. Unfortunately, there are many myths out there about used cars that are not true. Here you will learn about buying a used car-fact or myth. Here are a couple of used car myths that simply are not true:

Myth: Used Cars Are Unreliable

This may have been the case in your father or grandfathers day. Used Cars bring to mind the "Greasy Used Car Salesman." Most dealerships today put great care into certify or verify the quality of a used vehicle. Tools like carfax allow the dealers and you as the buyer verify the condition of a vehicle. You can check service records, accident history, and find if the car is hiding something under some body filler and a paint job. There are a lot of well maintained vehicles out there waiting for a new home.

Myth: New Cars Are Better Because Used Cars Don't Have a Warranty

The fact is most low mileage used cars still have some time or miles left on their factory warranty and can transfer to the new buyer. Additionally, there are great third party aftermarket warranties that can be purchased for a used car to extend the sense of security that the protection of a warranty provides. These are usually sold right at the dealership and you can roll the cost right into the loan for your vehicle.

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