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Share Your Gaming Know How: How to make money with Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go interface displaying how to make money with a player avatar, a Charmander, and nearby PokéStops.If you’re a gamer and familiar with the Pokémon universe, why not apply that knowhow and expertise to the new Pokémon Go craze that’s sweeping the country and cash in. If you have something to share, contribute to the conversation, and help out new players, it’s time to get to work.

Share Your Gaming Know How: How to make money with Pokémon Go

Start A Blog And Social Media Following

One of the easiest ways to share your gaming knowhow and profit from the Pokémon Go crazy is to start a blog, a YouTube channel, or simply build a large social media following around the topic.

Find your audience, start interacting and engaging, and then look for easy ways to monetize your content. There are sponsored post opportunities, paid advertising, and affiliate marketing to name a few. Create a channel, build an audience, and start marketing to them.

Find Your Niche And Create A Guide

The first few Pokémon Go Guides started popping up just 24 hours after the game was released. Does that mean you’ve missed the boat? Of course not! Share your expertise by going more into debt, creating up-to-date guides as the game changes and evolves, or niche down to a particular sub topic. For example, you could write a guide on how home schoolers can use Pokémon Go as a tool to explore local history. Or how about a safety guide for concerned parents? The topics are almost endless.

Keep an eye out for popular topics in the news and on the internet and pick a topic you can expand into a paid guide. Write it, publish it, and start selling it. You can make it a kindle book; sell it in the apple store, or digital market places like JVzoo or Clickbank. If you’re familiar with the process of publishing an info product, you should be able to get your very own Pokémon Go Guide out there within a matter of days.

Become A Real World Pokémon Trainer

We live in a time and age where people appreciate coaches. We have life coaches, personal trainers, and business mentors. It’s not all that far-fetched to think that there’s a group of new players out there that would appreciate a Pokémon trainer.

If you have a bit of marketing experience, consider consulting for local businesses in your area and help them develop and deploy a strategy that will help them use Pokémon Go to drive new business to their store.

Keep your eyes open for ways to profit from this latest gaming craze. Fellow gamers around you are already cashing in on the latest incarnation of “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”.

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