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Use Pokémon Go Attract More Foot Traffic To Your Business

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Promotional material suggesting a strategy to use Pokémon Go to attract more foot traffic to your business.Pokémon Go is the latest crazy hitting the country and as a savvy business owner, you can take advantage of this app to drive more traffic to your local business. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the game and chances are you’ve seen people in your town and in your neighbourhood walking around looking at their phones, trying to catch Pokémon.

The fact that they are walking around is good news for your business. The bad news is that their eyes are looked on their screens. The challenge is how to take advantage of this increase in foot traffic and turn it into more paying customers. The solution is engaging in the gaming craze in a smart way.

Quick And Easy – Lure Them

One of the easiest things you can do is lure Pokémon to your store location, let people know about it and then watch the customers pour into your premises. This seems to work particularly well if you’re a food and drink establishment where customers can grab a quick snack and cold drink before heading back outside. That being said, since almost everyone is playing Pokémon Go, you can make it work for just about any product.

Here’s how it works. Get the app and go to the store inside the interface. Buy a pack of lures and drop them one at a time. They will lure Pokémon in your general area to your location and the Pokémon hunters will follow. Announcing what you’re about to do on Social Media and with a sign outside will help as well.

Fun And Creative – Engage In The Social Craze

Marketing your business is all about engaging with your potential customers. Why not use Pokémon as a way to do that. Start playing and share the Pokémon you find on your store’s social media outlets. Ask customers to share screenshots of Pokémon they have captured in your store along with popular hashtags like #pokemongo.

Get creative and offer special discounts and offers for fans of the game. If you know of a Pokémon that’s fairly rare in your area, offer a discount to any customer that comes in and can show you that they caught one.  Create a lunch or drink special, put together a “Pokémon Go Survival Pack”, or start offering Pokémon merchandise.

The important part is that you become part of the conversation and engage with your audience. It will make them remember you long after this latest craze is over.

Hit The Pokémon Gym And Stops If It Makes Sense For Your Business

There are plenty of Gyms and PokéStops where players will congregate. They will be easy to find by the crowd of people gathering around staring at their screens. You can also find them with the app on your phone.

If you notice a particularly busy spot, consider opening up a pop-up shop there. Take your merchandise on the road (checking with local regulations of course) and peddle your wares to fellow gamers in those areas. If that’s not an option, create some promotional material that ties the game and your store together (with a special Pokémon inspired coupon for example) and head out there and distribute it to players.

You could even create a Pokémon inspired event at your store and advertise it locally at the busy gyms and PokéStops along with social media and your usual advertising outlets. Hold a Pokémon party where you offer discounts and promise to lure plenty of Pokémon to catch.

Get creative and take advantage of this latest gaming craze to grow your business.

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