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Make your own Birthday Pennant Banner

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Make your own colorful handmade "happy birthday" pennant banner with clothespin attachments displayed on a wall.

If you have a Cricut machine, it really is so much fun to Make your own Birthday Pennant Banner. It doesn't take very long, looks great and your guests will be impressed. The thing that I love about banners is depending on the paper you use, you can customize to every single holiday. Christmas, use red and green. Fourth of July, red white and blue. The cricut opens up the door to being able to do lots of really fun holiday decorations. I'm not the most crafty person in the world, but with my Cricut, I get the appearance of being crafty. haha!

Cricut Machine

Colorful paper banners with glittery clothespins attached to a string to make your own Birthday Pennant Banner.

1. With your Cricut Machine, cut out Pennants and letters. You can also cut out birthday shapes. I cut out little party hats to add a little detail. The font that we used was from the Birthday Bash cartridge.

We used the following measurements:

Pennant: 3 1/2" x 5"

Letters: 2.3" for the top and 2.5" for the shadow.

Colorful paper banners spelling "Happy Birthday" on a wall, with the patterned letters attached to pennant flags.

2. Glue top and bottom layers of letter together for a layering effect then glue letter on Pennant.

3. Clip Pennant onto twine with clothespins. Check out our post about Glittered clothespins.

Colorful letters spelling out "happy birthday" displayed on a Make Your Own Birthday Pennant Banner, hung with clothespins.4. Its as easy as that! Happy Crafting!

Colorful handmade "Make your own Birthday Pennant Banner" with letters pegged to a string.

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