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DIY Milk Bottle Flower Vase

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I love flowers. Seriously, like probably over board. I think I drive my husband crazy when he comes home from work and I have a new vase of flowers as decorations. Its not my fault really. Its the fault of this adorable milk bottles and mason jars that really make such cute vases! It gets worse this time of year. I think its the warmer weather and the budding flowers outside. I'm just so happy that winter is FINALLY over that I figure if I fill my house with flowers, it will always be spring! 🙂 I really enjoyed making this vase especially because its like a 15 minute project start to finish and its easy enough that my kids can make.

DIY Milk Bottle Flower Vase

Milk Bottles
Modge Podge

MilkBottle3.jpg  Directions

1. Paint your Milk Bottle the color of your choosing. I painted mine with Martha Stewart High Gloss Paint. You can do two coats if you need, although with my milk bottle, I only did one coat. I didn't bother to paint inside my milk bottle because the flowers cover up that part.MilkBottleVase.jpg

2. While your Milk Bottle is drying, cut out pattern from fabric. I chose to do a flower, but you really could do any pattern of choice. You could do lots of flowers and put them all over the milk bottle or keep it simple with just one. I love using the fabric because not only does it add detail but it also adds a pop of texture.

3. When your milk bottle is dry, apply modge podge to bottom side of fabric and add it to your desired spot on the milk bottle. Allow to dry.

4. Apply modge podge over the top of your flower. Allow modge podge to dry.


5. Add flowers and enjoy!



This is an easy craft that would make a great gift for a friend, teacher or to keep for yourself. I got my milk bottles in a 12 pack, so I am excited to paint more up in different colors! Just because I know someone is going to ask, this ADORABLE Fall in Love Everyday is a FREE printable!

Sharing is caring!