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How to make a Fishtail Loom Bracelet

Loom Bracelet are really popular right now, and my kids spend so much time making them any different styles and colors. They love making the traditional bracelet but they got eager to learn a new style. We decided to give the Fishtail Loom Bracelet a try and actually found it to be easier than the traditional bracelet. First, choose your color combination. You can use any number of colors. I prefer using two or three. The instructions here are shown using three colors.
This loom bracelet only uses 2 pegs from your loom so choose whichever side you feel most comfortable working on. 
 1. On your two corner pegs, twist your first band into a figure 8 and push down. This will be the only time you use a figure 8. 
2. Add your second color on top of the figure eight.
 3. Add your third rubber band on top. Push down the rubber bands to make room for the next step.
 Here is the side view with the three rubber bands. The bottom one making a figure 8 and the next two regular. Notice how they are pushed down.
 4. Use your hook to take off one side of the rubber band. Bring in around so it is in the center of your bands.
 5. Repeat using your hook with the other side. 
 This photo shows how you will bring the band around.
 If done correctly, your bottom band (figure 8) will look like this.
6. Add your next band on top. When using three colors, I have found it easiest to keep track of which color comes next, by adding the same color band as you just took off. For example, we just brought the pink band to the center, so we will add a pink band. 
 7. White was now your bottom band. Follow the same step to bring each side to the center.
Since white was the color you just brought around, you will add a white band to the top.
8. Red became your bottom band, so you use your hook, to bring it up and around over your white band. You will now add your red band regular to the top.
  This side view shows how you are working with the bottom band always and bringing it around.
Repeat these steps over and over again. Add a band, bring around bottom band. Add a band, bring around bottom band.
Until you get here:
 9. When your Fishtail Loom Bracelet is at your desired length and a C clip or S clip to one end. I prefer an S clip, but this really is a matter of taste.
10. Pinch your bands so they stay together and remove from loom.
11. Hold loops together and add to other side of clip
 12. Voila, you are done!
Since this type of bracelet only uses 2 pegs, my kids have enjoyed having multiple going at one time.
Tips that I have found work best in making the Fishtail Loom Bracelet:
  • Work with 2-3 colors
  • Use a smaller hook
  • Always push down your bands after you bring the new color around
  • I am right handed and found it easiest to work from the left side. My daughter is left handed and prefers the right side. 

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