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Four Ways to make your Backyard a Certified Wildlife Habitat

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Did you know that your yard can be a Certified Wildlife Habitat? I recently went to Epcot for the International Flower and Garden Festival and we learned that getting your yard certified is easier than you think! I immediately called my husband and told him that I wanted to do this! Being Earth Day, this is a perfect way to give back to the beautiful world that we live in.

Here are Four Ways to make your Backyard a Certified Wildlife Habitat:

1. Food.  This is one that we can already check off of our list. A few years ago my son made a wood Bird House. This is a perfect places for birds and other wildlife to get food. Inside your bird feeder you can have birdseed, fruits, nuts, berries or other types of wildlife feed.

2. Water.  You can find pretty inexpensive bird paths at stores like Walmart or Home depot. You need to make sure and change the water often so it stays clean for the wildlife. If you wanted to go a little fancier you could build a fountain or stream in your backyard.

3. Shelter.  You'll probably realize that you already have places for shelter in your yard. If you have bushes, or rock piles in your yard, then you'll already have this one done.

4. Place to raise their young. If you have large mature trees around your home that you already have this requirement taken care of. You can also build nesting boxes to put around your property.

Our backyard needs a little more work, but we are more than halfway done to having a Certified Wildlife Habitat. How many of these do you already have?


Sharing is caring!