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Christmas tree ribbon ideas: Burlap Christmas Tree

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If you're like me, the thought of setting up your own Christmas tree filled with your unique touch and flair might be something you look forward to all year round. One of the most captivating elements that bring the holiday spirit alive is indeed the tree adorned in the living room. This holiday season, I'm steering towards the rustic charm that burlap ribbon brings to the table, transforming a simple artificial tree into a piece of art. Allow me to walk you through one of my favorite ways to infuse personality into your christmas tree ribbon ideas with this step-by-step tutorial.
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Crafting Your Own Burlap Ribbon Tree: An Easy Way to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Materials You'll Need

Various types and widths of burlap ribbon with wire
● Styrofoam cylinder form
● Push pins
Hot glue gun
● Pine cones or other small decorations for the top

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This is a craft that my teenager would love making to decorate the home or give as gifts. During the holidays, we love making holiday stained glass ornaments , holiday elf slime and glitter ornaments made from clothespins.

You'll have to try some of these out. They are a lot of fun and super cute.

Craft supplies on a table

Before we dive into the instructions, let me share a few tips to ensure that your crafting experience is nothing less than delightful.

Tips for a Seamless Crafting Experience

  • Selecting the Right Ribbon: Choose different ribbons with a wired edge. These hold the shape better, giving your tree a fuller and high-end look. Experiment with a mix of thin ribbon and wide ribbon to achieve different looks.
  • Setting up Your Workspace: Before you start, clear a space in your living room or crafting area. Having all your materials at hand is the best way to ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Personal Touch: Don't shy away from adding small ornaments or other individual pieces that resonate with your personal style to give your tree a unique look.
  • Safety First: Be careful while using the hot glue gun to avoid any accidents.

Without further ado, let’s get into the core of our DIY project: crafting a charming burlap ribbon tree.

Easy Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree Instructions:

Ribbon and Tree

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Crafting Your Own Christmas Tree with Burlap Ribbon

  1. Starting at the Base: Begin by cutting short lengths of your widest ribbon. Form each piece into a loop and secure with a pushpin at the end of the ribbon, creating the first step towards building your own Christmas tree.
  2. Building the Foundation: Attach the pinned loop of ribbon to the bottom of your Styrofoam form, leaving a little space from the bottom to achieve a balanced look.
  3. Creating the First Layer: Develop a beautiful base by creating a ring of looped ribbon all around the bottom. This forms a good base for your tree.
  4. Adding Layers: Progress by using a slightly thinner ribbon to create another layer of looped ribbon above the last row, bringing different widths into play for a more vibrant look.
  5. Building up to the Top: Continue this process, layer by layer, until you reach the top of the tree, adding depth and volume to your tree branches.
  6. Finishing Touches: For the final layer, utilize hot glue instead of pins to ensure no pins are visible, giving a neat finish to your burlap ribbon tree.
  7. Crowning Glory: Complete your tree with a pine cone or a personal favorite ornament as the perfect tree topper, adding that pop of color and finishing touch to your creation.

A close up of a tree craft

I hope you find this process as delightful and fulfilling as I do every year.

Christmas Tree Ribbon Ideas: Inspiring Ways to Add Flair to Your Tree

  1. Cascade Ribbon Garland
    1. Visual Appeal: Creates a visually striking waterfall effect, adding a touch of elegance to your tree.
    2. Material Suggestions: Combine different textures like velvet and gold ribbon for a rich, luxurious look.
    3. Tips: Start from the top and gently cascade the ribbons down in straight lines, adjusting the lengths for a natural flow.
  2. Ribbon Bows
    1. Classic Choice: A timeless decoration that brings a traditional and festive feel.
    2. Color Coordination: Choose colors that complement your existing Christmas decor for a cohesive look.
    3. Placement: Attach them at the tree branches' tips or intersperse them between ornaments to fill bare spots.
  3. Braided Ribbon Garland
    1. Unique Style: Offers a unique and textured look, bringing depth and vibrancy to your tree.
    2. Creating the Braid: Twist and intertwine different ribbon colors, experimenting with various widths for a dynamic look.
    3. Installation: Drape it like a garland, ensuring it weaves harmoniously with other decorations.
  4. Ribbon Wrapped Branches
    1. Modern Look: Provides a contemporary, chic look that accentuates the tree's natural structure.
    2. Technique: Neatly wrap individual branches with your chosen ribbon, preferably coordinating ribbon tones for harmony.
    3. Suggested Ribbons: Experiment with ribbons having white stripes for a winter wonderland feel.
  5. Ribbon Flowers
    1. Floral Touch: Adds a garden-inspired aesthetic, infusing a natural, flowery ambiance.
    2. Crafting: Craft these by looping small pieces of ribbon and securing them at the base with floral wire.
    3. Placement: Disperse them sporadically around the tree, blending with other floral decorations for a cohesive look.
  6. Ribbon Tassels
    1. Bohemian Touch: Adds a chic and bohemian flair to your tree, offering a playful yet sophisticated edge.
    2. Crafting the Tassels: Utilize various lengths and colors of ribbons to craft tassels, adding beads or small ornaments for an extra splash of style.
    3. Placement Tips: Hang these tassels at different lengths around your tree, making sure to spread them evenly for a balanced look.
  7. Ribbon Weave
    1. Traditional Appeal: This technique lends a traditional and cozy vibe to your Christmas tree, making it a comforting focal point in your living room.
    2. Weaving Method: Weave the ribbons in and out of the tree branches in a crisscross pattern, creating a rich tapestry of textures and colors.
    3. Best Ribbons to Use: Opt for plaid ribbons or ribbons with intricate patterns to enhance the woven look.
  8. Spiral Ribbon Garland
    1. Mesmerizing Effect: Creates a swirling, cascading effect that draws the eye and adds a dynamic touch to your tree.
    2. Technique: Start from the top of the tree and gradually work your way down in a spiral pattern using a long piece of ribbon, adjusting as needed to maintain an even spiral.
    3. Color Choices: Play around with different ribbon colors to achieve various looks – from a monochromatic scheme to a vibrant, multi-colored spectacle.
  9. Ribbon Ball Ornaments
    1. Personal Touch: Adds a personalized and crafty touch to your tree, showcasing your creativity and style.
    2. Creating the Ornaments: Craft these by wrapping small styrofoam balls with ribbon strips, securing them with pins or a hot glue gun, and adding a loop for hanging.
    3. Decoration Tips: Hang these ornaments at various points on the tree, combining them with other ornaments for a harmonized look.
  10. Layered Ribbon Tree Skirt
    1. Base Beautification: Enhances the base of your tree, hiding any unsightly stands and adding a splash of color and texture.
    2. Layering Technique: Layer different lengths and colors of ribbon around the base of the tree in a tiered fashion, creating a lush and voluminous look.
    3. Material Suggestions: Combine ribbons with different textures and patterns, such as velvet ribbon with lace or satin, for a rich and varied look.

I hope these elaborated ideas will add a vibrant and artistic touch to your holiday season decoration! Remember, there's no wrong way to decorate your tree – it's all about personal preference and what brings joy to your home during the festive season.

Tree craft supplies

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Use Different Types of Ribbon? Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match different colors and textures of ribbon. Combining a velvet ribbon with a burlap one can add a luxurious touch to your tree.
  2. How Much Ribbon Will I Need? The amount of ribbon required can vary based on the size of your tree and the width of the ribbons you select. It's always better to have a bit extra than to run out mid-way.
  3. Can I Add Lights to This Tree? Yes, intertwining a string of lights among the ribbon loops can give your tree a warm and inviting glow. Just ensure the lights don't clash with your color scheme.
  4. What Can I Use as a Tree Topper? While I used a pine cone, feel free to use a traditional star or even a handcrafted bow made from coordinating ribbon colors to give your tree a modern look with a personal touch.
  5. Can This Design Be Used for Larger Trees? Certainly! This design can be adapted for both small trees and larger ones. For a larger tree, you might need to increase the lengths of your ribbon strips to maintain proportion and fullness.

I hope these ideas spark creativity and add a magical touch to your Christmas tree decorating this year! Remember, the best decorations are the ones that resonate with you and bring joy to your living space.

Close up of christmas tree craft

Key Takeaways: Making the Most of Your Christmas Tree Ribbon Ideas

  • Versatility is Key
    • Experimentation: This project's flexibility allows you to experiment with different techniques, creating unique looks each year.
    • Suitability: These ideas can be adapted to both real and artificial Christmas trees, allowing for varied and fresh looks each season.
    • Mix and Match: Feel free to mix different types of ribbons and techniques to create a tree that’s truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Personalize Your Tree
    • Reflection of You: Make the tree a reflection of your personality, adding elements that have personal significance or resonate with you.
    • Theme Coordination: You can choose a theme that aligns with your home decor or try something new for a refreshing change.
    • Kids Involvement: If you have kids, involve them in the decorating process, making it a fun family activity that fosters creativity.
  • Quality Over Quantity
    • Investment: Invest in high-quality ribbons that not only enhance the look but also last longer, possibly becoming a part of your yearly tradition.
    • Visual Impact: A high-quality ribbon can drastically elevate the look, adding a professional touch to your DIY project.
    • Wise Selection: Focus on selecting ribbons that blend well together and enhance your tree's overall aesthetic, rather than crowding it with too many elements.
  • Safety Measures
    • Caution with Tools: While using tools like a hot glue gun, ensure to handle it with caution to avoid any accidents.
    • Supervision: If kids are involved in the project, maintain strict supervision to avoid any mishaps.
    • Safe Placement: Place your tree in a safe area where it isn't prone to being knocked over, ensuring a joyful and accident-free holiday season.

Conclusion: christmas tree ribbon ideas

As we wrap up this festive guide brimming with Christmas tree ribbon ideas, I hope you are buzzing with creativity, eager to take the next step on this imaginative journey. Remember, crafting your own tree is not only a great way to infuse a personal touch but it also births an immense sense of satisfaction and joy, making the holiday season even more special.

Last year, perhaps you might have adorned a flocked tree or a real Christmas tree with your favorite ribbon picked from the aisles of Hobby Lobby. This year, envision draping your beautiful tree, whether it's a fresh new tree or an artificial Christmas tree, with rolls of ribbon that perfectly align with your unique color palette. The transformation it brings is truly a sight to behold, making a huge difference in your holiday decor.

Whether you choose a simple ribbon technique that takes less time or decide to adorn the entire tree with big bows and layers of wider ribbon creating a luxurious look of ribbon, remember that there's absolutely no wrong way to go about it. In fact, it's the different ways you can use ribbon, including non-wired ribbon or white ribbon accents, that make each tree a unique masterpiece.

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