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Easy Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree

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I love decorating for the holidays. This Easy Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree is an adorable way to add some festive decor to your home.
Close up of christmas tree craft

Easy Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree

I love crafts but I don't have a lot of time so easy crafts are my favorite. Especially when they are easy crafts that don't look easy. This Easy Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree is a fun one because it looks super cute but doesn't take a lot of money or time.

This is a craft that my teenager would love making to decorate the home or give as gifts. During the holidays, we love making holiday stained glass ornaments , holiday elf slime and glitter ornaments made from clothespins.

You'll have to try some of these out. They are a lot of fun and super cute.

Craft supplies on a table
● Various types and widths of burlap ribbon with wire
● Styrofoam cylinder form
● Push pins
Hot glue gun
● Pine cones or other small decorations for the top

Easy Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree Instructions:

Ribbon and Tree
1. Begin by cutting short lengths of your widest ribbon. These should be only a couple
of inches long. Form each piece of cut ribbon into a loop and put a pushpin through
the top where the two loose ends meet.
2. Attach the pinned loop of ribbon to the bottom of your Styrofoam form just an inch or
two from the bottom.
3. Continue to create a ring of looped ribbon all the way around the bottom.
4. Once you have finished one row, go to your next widest ribbon and continue the
process to create another layer of pinned loops of ribbon just an inch or two above
the last row.A close up of a tree craft
5. Keep making layers of looped ribbon all the way up the Styrofoam form. You can see
the photo for reference as to what this should look like.
6. When you get to the final layer of looped ribbon, use hot glue to secure the loop
closed and attach it to the Styrofoam form. You want to use hot glue and not pins on
this layer so that no pins will be visible on your burlap ribbon tree.Tree craft supplies
7. Once finished with the layers, hot glue a small pine cone or other embellishment to
the top of your burlap ribbon tree to complete the decor.

Close up of christmas tree craft

Close up of craft ornament in front of tree
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