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Easy Holiday Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake

These Easy Holiday Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake make a delicious festive treat!

A piece of cake on a plate, with Chocolate and CheesecakeI love the holidays. I love parties. I love hanging out with friends and family but sometimes I don't have time to bake the perfect holiday dessert. That is why I love Sara Lee Cheesecake.  Just slice, dip in chocolate, and top with mini chocolate chips or sprinkles!  Festive, easy and delicious! This Easy Holiday Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake is the perfect go-to dessert because it is festive, delicious and fun to make! Your kids will be excited to join in on decorating and eating!

Chocolate and Holiday

Easy Holiday Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake

Food on a table, with Chocolate and HolidayIngredients

SaraLee Classic Cheesecake
Chocolate Chips
Mini Chocolate Chips
Peppermint, crushed
Holiday Sprinkles
Wilton Red and White Melting Chocolate
Popsicle Sticks


  1. Freeze Sara Lee Cheesecake.
  2. Melt Chocolate Chips according to package directions. (My goto is 1/2 heat for 30 seconds, stir and repeat until melted)
  3. Stick a sharp knife into warm water, dry off, then cut cheese cake into 8 slices.
  4. Stick a popsicle stick into each cheese cake.
  5. Dip Cheese cake into melted chocolate then sprinkle on chocolate chips, peppermint or sprinkles.
  6. Melt Red and White melting chocolate in separate bowls.
  7. Drizzle melting chocolate over cheesecake.
  8. Freeze for 30 minutes before serving.

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate, with Cheesecake and Chocolate chip