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5 minute Easter Bark

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A bowl of Easter Bark garnished with candy eggs, surrounded by festive easter decorations.

I think the thing that I love most about Candy Bark is that you can customize it to fit perfectly for any holiday or any event. If its birthday you can use lots of fun festive colors. Christmas time you can use red and green. Easter, naturally you would use pastels. To make it even tastier, you can add any type of sweets to the top of your bark. Our favorites are oreos, peppermint, peanut butter, sprinkles, m&m's, recess pieces and marshmallows. Just pick your favorite sweet toppings in the colors of the holiday you are celebrating and voila you have a tasty treat!

Easter Bark

Melting Chocolates (I mixed 1/2 bag white and 1/2 bag red)
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Wax Paper

1. Melt your melting chocolates according to microwave directions. Typically, this means 30 seconds on half power then stir and repeat until chocolates are melted.
2. Cover cookie sheet with wax paper and pour melted chocolate over wax paper.
3. Immediately top with favorite toppings. We used purple sprinkles and Cadbury Mini Eggs.
4. Refrigerate until hardened.
5. Break into desired size pieces. I find that if I use a knife, I can control the shape and size of my pieces. 🙂

These make a great gift for the holidays. You can find really cute holiday tins at the dollar store for holiday gift giving.

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Colorful easter bark in a decorated bowl surrounded by Easter eggs and shredded paper grass.

Sharing is caring!