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Adorable Easter Crafts

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Colorful easter craft ideas including decorated eggs, a child with a festive basket, a handmade photo frame, and a vibrant paper flower arrangement.

I love baking and decorating for Easter. Its funny, because I hear a lot of people say that this is a holiday that they skip decorating for. I guess for me, I love pastel colors so I really enjoy adding spring colors to my home. Its especially welcoming this year, because there is still snow on the ground outside, so I can feel like its spring when i'm inside! 🙂

Country Woman—the #1 Country Lifestyle Magazine for women who live in or long for the country shared these adorable ideas with us. Click on the photo for step by step directions for the craft.


Crochet Easter Basket Craft

Crochet Easter Basket: Everyone loves to have an Easter basket to put all your Easter candy and Easter eggs in. To change things up this year, craft your own Easter basket using simple crochet patterns. For step-by-step instructions, visit:


Peeps Easter Card

Easter Card:  Craft this paper Easter card out of Peeps, making an adorable gift for family members. For a full how-to and list of materials, visit:


DIY Easter Egg Tree

DIY Easter Egg Tree: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…tie them up with this DIY Easter craft! This is the perfect way to accent your home and is exactly what you need to celebrate spring. There’s nothing more fun than sitting at the table with your friends and family dying Easter eggs! For a full how-to, check out:


Peeps Topiary Easter Tree

Peeps Topiary: Bring Peeps out of the Easter basket this year and make them the center of attention. Using colorful marshmallow Peeps, you will hatch an eye-catching centerpiece that will also be edible! For a list of materials, visit:

Photos and ideas were provided to A Sparkle of Genius from  Country Woman. To see what other craft ideas Country Woman has stashed in their basket for Easter, visit:

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