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My Big Hero 6 Baymax Voice Over Experience #BigHero6Event

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A split-view image featuring an animated character, Baymax from "My Big Hero 6," in a room on the top, and a person with headphones in a recording studio on the bottom, caption

It really is funny. My Big Hero 6 Baymax voice over experience is probably one of the things that I looked forward to the most, but also one of the the things that make me the most nervous. I am not a social person. I am very reserved, but the thought of going in to the recording studio and being the voice of a character is really exciting. I had been in the recording studio one time before as the voice of Olaf so I was familiar with the process. The moment your put on the headphones, with your script in front of you, the nerves cease and it is a lot of fun. And goes way too fast, I might add. It only took about a minute per person and then we were done.

My Big Hero 6 script page showing dialogue from the character Baymax asking about a person's level of pain and offering assistance.

So what exactly is it like to record a characters voice in a Recording Studio. We were able to work with Engineer Michael Weissman who helped us every step of the way. We were given the ADR session script (featured above), a simple set of directions then we took turns going into the recording studio. I patiently waited my turn because I enjoy because able to hear other people go first that way I could practice in my head while they were going. 🙂  When it was my turn, you went into the recording room where there were microphones set up, a stand with the script and the television screen in front of you. You put on your headphones where you can hear the sound engineer and when you are ready he starts recording. You are able to watch the clip in front of you as you go and you can hear the dialogue playing in your headphones.

A woman standing at a microphone in a recording studio, with audio equipment in the foreground, during her My Big Hero 6 Baymax Voice Over Experience.

So how do you know when to start speaking your lines when you aren't familiar with your script? Before your line comes up, you hear a series of three beeps and where the fourth beep would be, that is when you start talking. For example, on the first line of the script you would hear: "beep, beep, beep- Hello, I am Baymax, your personal Health Care Companion." One fun thing about recording Baymax is that our voices were automatically roboticized (not sure if thats even a word 🙂 ). We could hear our own voices as Baymax would sound with the Robot voice. It really was a lot of fun.

A control room with a sound mixing board, monitors displaying My Big Hero 6 Baymax Voice Over Experience, and a clock showing 10:59.

I must say, one benefit to doing voice for Baymax is that his mouth doesn't move. This is nice because you don't have to worry about lining up the words perfectly when you are doing the voice over. You just have to make sure you are finished before the next person starts! 🙂

This truly is such an amazing experience that I feel very lucky to have. My kids love watching the videos and seeing how I did. We always get a good laugh with my voice over their favorite characters. Here is My Big Hero 6 Baymax Voice Over Experience. Enjoy!

Disney provided me with the most incredible trip to Los Angeles for a behind the scenes experience with Frozen. All opinions are my own.

Sharing is caring!