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Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere

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Cast and crew at the red carpet premiere of "Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Photo Credit: Disney

Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Premiere was amazing. This is the second time that I have had the opportunity to walk the red carpet for a movie. The first time was for the Big Hero 6 premiere and it was very overwhelming. It was nice this time around because I was able to know what to expect and take more time to really appreciate the experience that I was having. Let's start at the beginning, though, because the amazing experience started before walking the red carpet.

Singer performing on stage with a microphone, wearing a pink dress with arms raised, accompanied by a guitarist and drummer at the "Alice Through the Looking Glass" Red Carpet Premiere.

As part of the Alice Through the Looking Glass Premiere, Jimmy Kimmel had Pink perform live on Hollywood Blvd and then the performance was shown later that evening on his show. Pink is such an amazing performer so we were very excited to find out that we would have the opportunity to see her perform live. Not only were we able to see her live, but we were able to watch the show from the front row!

This truly was an once in a lifetime experience and her performance was amazing and she looked beautiful. She performed Just Like Fire and White Rabbit for the audience. As this was a taping for a show, we were able to enjoy each song twice. I thought they sounded amazing each time that she performed. Here is a video from her performance:

YouTube video

Historic theater facade with decorative signage for the "Alice Through the Looking Glass" Red Carpet Premiere in an urban setting.

After the performance we had a little time to spare before going to the Premiere. We had the chance to visit Hot Topic. If you haven't checked out their new line of Alice Through the Looking Glass Merchandise, you should stop by your local store. They have a lot of really fun pieces.

The Premiere was being shown at the El Capitan movie theater. I have seen movies here many times and it is such an amazing place to watch a movie. The theater is beautiful inside and out. If you ever have a chance to watch a movie here, I recommend it!

A hand holding a guest pass for the "Alice Through the Looking Glass" Red Carpet Premiere at the El Capitan Theatre.

We were then able to get our badges and enter the red carpet. I had a photo buddy with me so we could each take the others photos along the red carpet. We had our Premiere Guest badge that allowed us onto the carpet, into the theater and into the after party. The back of our pass listed our seat number on ROW TWO of the El Capitan! This was going to be very exciting!Hand holding a promotional "Alice Through the Looking Glass" Red Carpet Premiere unicef power band gift pack with informational tag.

When we first got our badges, we also received this really nice gift from UNICEF. This Kid Power Band encourages your kids to exercise while counting your steps. You can also earn points to help malnourished kids. My son was really excited to try it out.
Woman in a red dress posing in front of a promotional backdrop featuring a character from "Alice Through the Looking Glass" at the Red Carpet Premiere.

The Red Carpet experience can be a little overwhelming and can go very fast. The moment you step on the red carpet, the security guards are trying to hurry you along so you don't back up the line. It is important though, to take a deep breath and make sure that you are taking it all in. There are cast and crew and other celebrities walking the red carpet with you so it is fun to take a moment to see who you can find. We were walking the red carpet at the same time as Johnny Depp and Sacha Baron Cohen. I was also able to spot Director James Bobin and Producer Suzanne Todd.A woman taking a selfie at the Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere.

On the other side of the red carpet you will find News outlets where the stars will stop to answer questions. Behind that you will find tons of cameras and lots of screaming fans. One of the moments that I saw Johnny Depp, it made me laugh because he was stopped for photos and there were so many cameras taking pictures of him. I can imagine that it isn't always ideal to be in the spotlight, but it is nice that the stars are so willing to stop for a photo.

A woman in a red dress standing in front of an "Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere" sign.

I was actually surprised by how much time we were able to have on the red carpet. The security guards continuously reminded us to move forward but they allowed us to take in the moment and get lots of pictures. I think the hardest part was getting a photo without anyone else in it! 🙂  Most of my photos needed to be cropped down to include just me. Walking the red carpet is so much fun. I loved being able to get dressed up and truly enjoy the experience. It really is such an amazing high to end on before having a baby in 7 weeks. Group of people posing at the "Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere.

The carpet was beautiful and the back drop was colorful and fun like the movie which made for fun photos. At the end of the carpet they had a large Alice Through the Looking Glass backdrop for group photos. I love being able to see all of these beautiful women that joined me on this trip and see how happy they looked from the experience. If you get the opportunity to walk the red carpet, my biggest advice would be to take a moment before you step on the red carpet, smile and let yourself take it all in!

The illuminated marquee of the El Capitan Theatre advertising the Red Carpet Premiere of "Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Alice Through the Looking Glass comes out in theaters this Friday. It truly is an amazing movie! It is perfect for the whole family so take them to see it this weekend! I loved being able to see it in the El Capitan. They gave us popcorn and a drink to enjoy the show, we put on our 3D glasses and were treated to a really talented organist playing Disney music before the show. Then we sat back and watched the movie. A true masterpiece. One thing I love about going to a night movie at the El Capitan is walking out of the movie and seeing the sign lit up. Isn't it beautiful!!
An event taking place in the ornate lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel with a decorative ceiling and illuminated signage for the "Alice Through the Looking Glass" Red Carpet Premiere.

After watching the movie, we walked to the Roosevelt Hotel for the After Party. This was an incredibly beautiful venue for a party. I was especially impressed with the amazing ceilings. Aren't they stunning? The place was decorated beautiful with tea cups, flowers and beautiful fabrics that I imagine Alice picked up in China. There was music playing and it was fun to take a moment to sit down, look around and take it all in. Suzanne Todd was amazing and took us around to meet many amazing people who had a hand in making such a great film.

Two heart-eyed tea cup shaped cookies with colorful icing, inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass, on a white plate at the Red Carpet Premiere.

Naturally, I had to take a moment to enjoy the adorable tea cup cookies. Other activities at this event included getting your nails painted, make overs and photo booths. Dinner was also provided. I was so hungry at this point that I forgot to take a picture of my food!! It was delicious, though. I had Chicken, mashed potatoes and a roll. I loved sitting with other bloggers, people watching, talking about the movie and enjoying the experience. This is an evening that i'll always remember!

Two women posing for a photo with an "Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere" backdrop, featuring a character in costume on the left.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS opens in theaters everywhere on May 27th!

YouTube video

This amazing trip to Los Angeles was hosted by Disney. All opinions are my own.

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