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Valentine's Day Sight Word Bingo Printable

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This Valentine's Day Sight Word Bingo Printable is perfect for teachers!Bingo and Sight word

If you are a school teacher or looking for a fun Valentine's Day Bingo you will love this Sight Word Bingo. This is a great way to make learning fun while they practice their reading. If you are having a Valentine's Party, your students will love playing Valentine's Sight Word bingo at their party. You can reward them with cutest little Valentines day treats or prizes. You'll also love our Dr. Suess Bingo and Saint Patrick's Day Bingo. This Bingo Printable includes 20 Bingo Cards, Flashcards and Bingo Markers and available for free download below.

bingo card on table

Valentine's Day Sight Word Bingo Printable

Sight Word Bingo Supplies

White Paper
Scissors or Paper Cutter
Bingo Cards Printable
Flashcards Printable
Bingo Markers Printable

Bingo and WordBingo Heart Markers

printableFlashcard Printable

bingo cards20 Power Words Valentine's Day Bingo


Sight Word Bingo Instructions:

1. Print out the Bingo Cards, Flashcards and Bingo Markers.
2. Use scissors or a paper cutter to carefully cut the bingo cards, flashcards and bingo markers.
3. Laminate the items for prolonged use.

To Play Sight Word Bingo:

Table and bingo
1. Use the flashcards as a “call sheet.” Place each power word into a bowl, hat etc.
2. Give each child a bingo sheet and bingo markers. Each card should be different.
3. Allow each child to use a bingo marker to mark their free space.
4. The caller should pull out one power word flash card and describe it to the children. If you’re playing in a classroom, an overhead projector would work wonders!
5. The first child to make a horizontal, diagonal or vertical row gets the BINGO!
6. Stickers and party favors make great Bingo Prizes!

Check out our Dr. Suess Bingo!!

Bingo card

Bingo and Word


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