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St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Bingo

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How fun is this St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Bingo Printable? Bingo and Sight word

If you are a teacher and looking for a really fun game to play on Saint Patricks Day, you'll love our Sight Word Bingo! We have a Valentine's Day Bingo and a Dr Seuss Bingo that you'll love, too! This St Patricks Day Sight Word Bingo comes with 20 custom bingo cards. Perfect for the classroom! I love finding sight word games printable for kids to help them master reading. You might also want to try these super cute Lucky Charms Cupcakes.

bingo and paper

Click on the links or photos directly below this for the Sight Words Bingo PDF printables. I would recommend printing on card stock and laminating them so you can use them again and again! The St Patricks Day coin markers make playing the game extra fun! Help your kids learn their Power words and make learning fun with Sight Word Bingo.

St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Bingo

text Bingo and Word paper

Sight Words Bingo Supplies

White Paper
Scissors or Paper Cutter
Bingo Cards Printable
Flashcards Printable
Bingo Coin Markers Printable

Bingo and Sight word

Bingo Sight Words Instructions:

  1. Print the Bingo Cards Printable, Flashcards Printable, Bingo Coin Markers Printable .
  2. Use scissors or a paper cutter to carefully cut the bingo cards, flashcards and bingo markers.
  3. Laminate the items for prolonged use.

How to play sight word bingo

  1. Use the flashcards as a “call sheet.” Place each power word into a bowl, hat etc.
  2. Give each child a bingo sheet and bingo markers. Each card should be different.
  3. Allow each child to use a bingo marker to mark their free space.
  4. The caller should pull out one power word flash card and describe it to the children. If you’re playing in a classroom, an overhead projector would work wonders!
  5. The first child to make a horizontal, diagonal or vertical row gets the BINGO!

bingo on table

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bingo card on table

Bingo card

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