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Tips for Homework Management in Kids

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Tips for Homework Management
If your house is anything like my house, homework time can get pretty frustrating. Often my kids dig in their heels and just don't want to do it. I don't look forward to homework time. They would rather be out playing with their friends, watching a movie or building with legos. Frankly, I would rather they were doing those things, too, because I want them to be happy and have fun. But, I also want them to be successful in school and learn that homework is important AND that learning CAN BE FUN! Some of our more successful homework experiences were when I took the time to help make homework fun. They enjoyed it, I enjoy it, and the better retained what they learned. Win/win for all!
I asked around to all my blogger buddies and friends to see what worked for them. Here are some great tips to help make homework fun:
-We bought my first grader a Disney princess art kit that is filled with pencils, erasers, rulers, crayons, markers, etc. - everything she needs to complete her homework. She is much more excited about doing math worksheets when she can do it with a Rapunzel pencil! It has also helped to have a special space set aside just for her to do her homework. Taralyn Trost Parker
-Make a game out of it. Find rhyming words to help them learn the capitals. Make up songs to memorize math problems. Think of tricks together to remember spelling words. -Casandra
-I created a homework box at the beginning of the school year. My kids like breaking out the homework box and having everything they need in one
-If your child gets overwhelmed by the full page of homework problems, take another blank page and cover up all but the row they are working on. My son has a hard time with the whole page and this is how we get him to do work (12 years in!)
My kids are tech crazy, so anything I can do to incorporate technology increases their interest and dedication. We had a huge struggle memorizing math facts, until I found some fun math fact apps for their devices. My kindergartner is a rock star with her sight words because of sight word apps. There are even games I can put their spelling lists in (some online that their teachers already have the word lists provided) and they learn spelling while they play. Of course, there's still regular paper homework, but when I can make the memorizing, etc part of homework look more like what they want to do in their spare time, we all win.
-My best tip is to know when to say when. Sometimes there's just too much. It's a lesson I learned the hard way-
-I let my kids do homework (or homeschool in our case) in fun places. For example right now my 6 year old is doing math in a tent in the backyard and my 8 year old is reading on the hammock.

-If you have a child that gets frustrated easily or tired of working pretty quickly, fill a box/jar with slips of paper that have quick silly physical activities on them. Let them pick one between each problem. Things like run around the table 3x, see how many times you can clap your hands in 10 seconds, stand on one foot and touch the other foot to your nose, etc. It breaks up the monotony, gets out some of the frustration, and helps them laugh.

-My biggest tip is to decide at the beginning of the year where your child wants to do their school work. Let them choose the space (dining room table, bedroom, living room floor) then sit with them or "check them in" to the space each day. Helps give them some "ownership" of the process.
Second tip is: my girls like to work at dining room table and I get them a snack to eat while they work on their homework. They don't mind doing their work bc they're having an after school snack too. -
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What works for you? Share your tips in the comments below. We are in this together and you never know when your tip can help someone else!


Sharing is caring!