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Have Locally Grown Flowers Delivered by The Bouqs Company

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Did you know that you can Have Locally Grown Flowers Delivered by The Bouqs Company?

Illuminated sign for "the bouqs company" with a floral pattern background, advertising locally grown flowers delivered.

 I received the most beautiful rose bouquet from The Bouqs Company for review. All opinions are my own.

I first heard about The Bouqs Company when I was at BlogHer. Their booth was beautifully decorated with gorgeous flowers. It was impossible not to stop and smell their roses because they were all stunning. When they contacted me for a review I jumped on the opportunity because what girl wouldn't want a stunning bouquet of flowers delivered to their door. I chose the Desperado bouquet which is "a beautiful combination of Pink Roses with Purple Dianthus or similar accent flowers." While ordering, I was able to select my delivery date and I was very excited when the box shown above was delivered via FedEx. I didn't know what to expect because I previously had never received flowers via FedEx. The flowers arrived on time on the selected date and I quickly ran inside to see my beautiful delivery. 

Open shipping box with packaged locally grown flowers and a packing slip on top, delivered by The Bouqs Company.

The first thing that I noticed when opening my flowers was how well they are packed. There really is no way that these flowers could come damaged because they were very well wrapped and fit perfectly in the box. I received two dozen flowers and each dozen was wrapped separately. Their were easy to follow directions to help you know exactly how to take care of your flowers.

A bouquet of locally grown, pink-edged roses in a clear vase on a wooden table.

Aren't they amazing! I have never received flowers direct from a box that immediately looked so amazing. Plus, I was spoiled with 28 roses instead of 24. I chose to put them together to make one very impressive bouquet of flowers which I received lots of compliments on. I am so impressed by how beautiful the Bouqs bouquets are. Day one they looked incredible. Day two, even prettier. Day three... stunning. And so on!

A bouquet of pink-edged, locally grown roses in a vase.

There are two main things that set The Bouqs Company apart from other flower shops. First of all your flowers are always a flat fee with shipping included. I love this because you never have to wonder how much your flowers are going to cost. In that past I would order from other flowers shops and feel very frustrated with my $40 bouquet of flowers turned into a $60 bouquet when they added fees and shipping. I love the idea of a flat rate fee. Plus, I don't think you can get flowers quite as stunning as those above at such a great rate.

The second way that The Bouqs Company is awesome is because your flowers are delivered to use straight from being cut from the farm. Depending on the day you selected for delivery, you can receive your flowers 2-4 days after being cut. How awesome is that! Other flower shops take 10-14 days from being cut to get to you. This truly is a great benefit!

The Bouqs Company has a great selection of flowers that you will definitely find the perfect bouquet for everyone you are shopping for. I would recommend upgrading to the Deluxe for only $10 more! Really is an amazing deal!

Visit The Bouqs Company to shop and see their great selection and Have Locally Grown Flowers Delivered by The Bouqs Company!

A bouquet of pink-edged roses with green foliage, sourced from The Bouqs Company's locally grown flowers.

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