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Sew Your Own Outdoor Patio Pillows

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A wooden chair with blue and white floral-patterned cushions on a patio, embodying a DIY theme: "Sew Your Own Outdoor Patio Pillows.

After two years of living in our new house, I decided it was finally time to get us a little patio set for our front porch. I love watching my kids play and ride bikes, but I just got tired of sitting on the stairs to watch. We went shopping and found the perfect rug and chairs but I wanted some Outdoor Pillows for added comfort and decoration. Okay, pillows are not cheap. We were looking at a few places that were $30+ per pillow! Pillows are super easy to make, so there was no way that I wanted to spend that much on pillows! So instead, I drove to Joann's to buy some fabric. Seriously, they are so easy to make!

What you need to Sew Your Own Outdoor Patio Pillows:
1 yard of Outdoor Fabric
Sewing Machine

1. Using scissors or a Rotary Blade, cut two identical 20x25 inch pieces out of your fabric.

2. With Right Sides together sew almost completely around the outside of the fabric.

3. Clip corners but be carefully not to cut where you sewed!

4. Flip fabric right side out and stuff full with
Fiber fill.

5. Use a Blind Stitch to close pillow.

It only takes about 15 minutes per pillow. 1 yard of fabric was enough for me to make two pillows.

Two wooden armchairs with blue and white cushions, featuring sew-your-own outdoor patio pillow designs, on a chevron-patterned rug, with a small side table holding a vase of flowers between

Sharing is caring!