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Pirate's Dinner Adventure Buena Park

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Collage from Pirate's Dinner Adventure Buena Park theme restaurant showing their sign, a pirate performance, and costumes.

This post is sponsored by Pirate's Dinner Adventure Buena Park. All opinions are my own.

If you would do to the Pirate's Dinner Adventure on a regular day, you would a massive Pirate ship and an epic pirate battle. At Halloween time, though the show is quite different because instead of Pirates you have Vampirates! When you first arrive at your dinner show you are assigned a Vampirate that you will cheer on during the show. We were assigned to the red Vampirate.

Person dressed as a pirate sitting on a ship deck with a cannon nearby at Pirate's Dinner Adventure Buena Park.This show is interactive and they encourage you to yell and scream as you watch the show. They could bang on the tables, tap the cups and boo on the other vampirates. This was my kids favorite part. Yes kids, you have permission to yell. As. Loud. As. You. WANT!!! And they did! Audience members posing for a photo while seated at a dimly lit Pirate's Dinner Adventure show in Buena Park.

I was very nervous when we were coming to the show that my kids would be scared. I knew that we would be in a dark room, there would be a lot of noise, and-- Vampirates. If you have kids and are interested in going to the Pirate's Dinner Adventure or the Vampirates show, we were happy to find that the show is Family Friendly, high energy, and so much fun to watch.

A souvenir program and a napkin from "Pirate's Dinner Adventure Buena Park" beside a white mug on a table illuminated by red ambient lighting.

Since the Pirate's Adventure is a Dinner adventure, one of the main questions I receive is what kind of food do they serve for dinner. You will be very full at the end of the meal with the delicious meal. If you arrive early, you will even have the opportunity to try some delicious appetizers while you wait. The Pirate's Dinner Adventure meal includes a choice of salad or soup, Chicken, Beef Kabob with veggies and mashed potatoes Mashed Potatoes. You end your meal with a fudge brownie a la mode. We were every happy because they had a Captain Kids Meal option that included chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and fruit. A perfect meal for our little pirates.
Rehearsal on a theater stage designed for Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, with performers and crew preparing for a production under stage lighting.


The show lasts about two hours long. My kids loved every minute of the show. It is very exciting, high energy and filled with moments of humor. That talent of the actors was amazing as they danced, sang and fought on stage. The stage, set aboard the pirate ship made it very realistic to watch and a lot of fun. This show is exciting to watch and a really fun adventure for a family vacation. Grab the kids and check out this Family Friendly show because it will be the highlight of your kids trip!
A costumed performer from Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, with face paint, poses with a wide-eyed, surprised young girl.

For more information, visit Pirate's Dinner Adventure online.

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