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Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park

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Four children wearing crowns pose playfully in front of a medieval-themed painting at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park.

This post is sponsored by Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park. All opinions are my own.

I didn't know what to expect when I first heard that we would be going to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament show when we were on vacation. It was at the end of our busy day and I was afraid that my kids would not enjoy the show and get grumpy from being so tired. I have had other friends who loved this show so I was excited to experience it. My kids were captivated the entire show. If you are visiting Buena Park, or the nearby cities, the Medieval Times Dinner is a must see with the entire family. I'm ready to go again because we truly had so much fun.

Knights on horseback holding flags in a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament at Buena Park-themed performance.

When you first arrive, you will receive a crown with a color that corresponds with the knight that you will be cheering for. We received red crowns so we were cheering on the red knight. The whole stadium is separated into sections by color so your entire section will be cheering for the same knight as you. Because this is a show, you are encouraged to cheer. And cheer loud! This was one of my kids favorite parts. They yelled and screamed at the top of their lungs every time the red knight competed and they boo'd for the other knights. They loved that they were able to be as loud as they wanted.

Menu at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Buena Park featuring tomato bisque and a selection of other items, with red ambient lighting.

At this show you receive a a four-course meal fit for royalty while the knights. You eat the different courses of your meal while the show is going on in front of you. The funny thing about your meal is that while in Medieval times, they didn't use silverware..... yup, you guessed it. You don't get to use silverware either. It was hilarious watching everyone eating with their fingers. My kids didn't believe me at first when I said they could use their fingers on the entire meal. They dug right in and enjoyed every bite. I was very impressed with the food. It was absolutely delicious. My favorites were the Tomato Bisque and bread! A knight in red and black attire receiving a green flower from an audience member during a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament show in Buena Park.The knights competed in many different challenges in front of you and it was so much fun to see them ride their beautiful horses. When a knight accomplished the challenge he would go to the princess who would present them with 3 carnations. They would then give the flowers to different people in their cheering section. My daughter was very excited to receive one of the winning flowers!
Medieval-themed show at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Buena Park with performers in knight costumes carrying flags in an arena.

At the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament you will enjoy watching jousting, swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat and more. The show lasted about 2 hours long and my kids loved every second of it. The Medieval Times Dinner IS family friendly. I encourage taking your kids because they will laugh, cheer, smile, yell and enjoy every second of it. We loved cheering on the red knight even if he didn't win! The Medieval Times dinner is a unique experience that is worth experiencing. My kids talk about it often and will cherish the memory! In the end, you will have the opportunity to purchase a photo. (that you took when you arrived.)  How could I say no to this masterpiece? I wish they would have given me the heads up and I would have made a face or something! LOL!

A family dressed in medieval-themed costumes, including crowns and holding props, posing for a photo at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Buena Park.

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