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Love is a Battlefield Valentine

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Let your crush know how you feel with this Love is a Battlefield Valentine.
printable and army men
I think it is so much fun to visit Pinterest and look at all of the creative printable Valentine ideas. I have wasted my time at Walmart too often, in spending too much money on Valentine's day my kids really don't love. It is much more fun to printable them the perfect printable Valentine that expresses exactly what they are feeling. I could get them a baseball valentine, sponge bob valentine, or writing Valentine. There are so many fun choices to customize the perfect valentine.

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printable and army men
Love is a Battlefield Valentine

Love Is A Battlefield and Idea

Valentine Printable Materials:

Small plastic army men
Washi tape
“Love is a Battlefield” Valentine printable

Love is a Battlefield Instructions:

1. Start by cutting out each Valentine from the “Love is a Battlefield” printable.
2. Lay an army man on the blank space on the Valentine.
3. Use washi tape to secure the army man to the Printable Valentine.

Valentine's day greeting card with the phrase "Love is a Battlefield" and an emphasized text "love" with arrow designs.paper and army men

Sharing is caring!