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Cupid’s Arrow Pencil Valentine Printable

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This Cupid’s Arrow Pencil Valentine Printable is the perfect Free Valentine's Day Printable for kids to give their friends at school.paper and pencils This Valentine's Day, your son or daughter can send Cupid's Arrow in the directions of their crush with this adorable Cupid's Arrow Valentine Printable! This printable is fun to customize with their choice of Valentine's pencil and fun Washi Tape. You might also love our other Free Valentine's Day Printable like Playdough Valentine, Unicorn Valentine, Love Bug Valentine or Silly String Valentine.

Cupid’s Arrow Pencil Valentine Printable

Paper and pencils sitting on a table

Cupid Arrow Printable (best printed on white cardstock)
Sharpened Pencils (Amazon or Target’s $1 section/Dollar Tree are great places to look for VDay options)
Washi Tape


1. Use scissors to cut along the dotted lines on each valentine.
2. Place a sharpened pencil over the arrow – lining up the sharpened edge with the tip of the
3. Place a piece of washi tape over the pencil and press it to attach it to the paper.Paper and pencils sitting on a table

Cupids Arrow Pencil Valentine Printable Download

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