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Love Bug Valentine Snack Cup and Free Kids Valentine Printable

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This Love Bug Valentine Snack Cup makes the most adorable Valentine's snack! A pink flower on a table
My kids love choosing the perfect Valentine to hand out to their friends at school. There are so many fun ideas where kids can share their personality while letting their friends and classmates know that they care. This Love Bug Valentine Snack Cup is a super cute Valentine to give to friends at school or to put in your kids lunch box on Valentine's Day. You can make the love bug with a Jello Snack cup or a fruit cup and print up the Free Love Bug Printable to make an adorable holiday treat. A decorated craft on a table

Love Bug Valentine Snack Cup

Craft ingredients on a tableMaterials:
Pink craft foam
Dole fruit in Jello snack cups
Googly eyes
Small sparkly pom poms
Large sparkly pom poms
Sparkly pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun

Cup and SnackInstructions:

A pair of scissors
1. Begin by cutting out heart shapes from pink craft foam. These will be the feet of your
love bug.

A plastic bottle
2. Turn the snack cup upside down and glue two eyes to one side of it.

A small face
3. Below the eyes, use a glue gun to attach a small sparkly pom pom for the nose.

A pair of scissors
4. Cut a sparkly pipe cleaner in half.Image and Red
5. Glue the two pieces of pipe cleaner to the back of the snack cup and shape them into
squiggles.A close up of a toy
6. Glue a large sparkly pom pom to the top of each piece of pipe cleaner that you glued to the back of the snack cup.

A close up of a toy
7. Use glue to attach two heart shaped feet to the bottom of your upside down snack cup to form the feet of your love bug.

A close up of a craft

text and paper

Optional Valentines Printable:  Cut out a "Hey Lovebug!" printable and glue to bottom of snack cup before you attach the feet.paperLove Bug Valentine Snack Cup Free Printable

Sharing is caring!