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KidKraft American Girl Doll house for 18 inch doll and accessories

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Your child will loves this KidKraft American Girl Doll house for 18 inch doll.
KidKraft dollhouse for 18 inch dolls


If you have a daughter that is interested in 18" dolls, you have to check out the KidKraft Elegant Dollhouse, the perfect house for 18 inch doll. I was so excited when I found out about this dollhouse, because I have two daughters who love playing dolls and I knew that this dollhouse would be cherished, loved and used for years to come.

We are lucky to live within three blocks of all my kids cousins, and the girls all love getting together to play. They all bring their favorite 18" dolls, clothes to change the dolls into, and they spend hours together playing.

I knew that the KidKraft Elegant Dollhouse would be a gift that my girls would love and I was so excited to give it to them for Christmas. Its always extra special when you find the perfect gift. This was the perfect gift.

I will be completely honest with you, though. I was very nervous to put this set together because I was afraid that it "claimed" to fit 18" dolls, but what if I put it together and it was smaller than I expected.
 I felt that the photos above made the doll house look really fun, but it doesn't look like it would really hold 18" dolls. I searched and searched for reviews on this item but couldn't really find anything that really showed what it looked like with the dolls.
I bought this item for my girls. It was not a review. I just really wanted to show how perfectly 18" dolls fit in the KidKraft Elegant Dollhouse. Not only fit, but as you can see from the photo below, this doll house is large enough for multiple dolls.

KidKraft house for 18 inch doll

KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse
The KidKraft Elegant Dollhouse has three floors that are each decorated with bright colors and fun backgrounds. I put my husband in charge of building this dollhouse and he set aside a whole afternoon to get this done.
With something so large, we assumed it would take hours to build. I was surprised when just an hour later he declared that he was finished building and the girls were already having fun playing. He said that the instructions were easy to follow, each piece was numbered and it was very easy to build.
As you can see from the photo above, this set also includes 12 jumbo-sized pieces of doll furniture.
KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse
On the top floor of this Doll Manor, there is a really cute balcony. My daughter loves that there is this outdoor spot where she can bring her dolls as part of her creative play.
There is also a wooden plant that sits on the balcony which looks really nice.
KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse
The top floor is the bedroom where your 18-inch doll can get some sleep.
This room includes a bed, pillow, side table and lamp. The background looks adorable with a deck,book shelves, photos and more. I really love the bright colors that they chose in designing this dollhouse.
This doll house has 2 sets of staircases so your child's doll can go to and from each floor. 
KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse

 The middle floor is the living room. On this floor, there is a couch, coffee table and television.

The food items pictured are not part of this set. The television has a scene of a ballet dance on it. The background includes painted windows and a fireplace.

There are two real window on this set that really add to the look and feel of the dollhouse.

KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse
The bottom floor has the bathroom and the kitchen. With this set, you receive a toilet, Kitchen table, two chairs and a cake.
This floor has plenty of room for three dolls. I love the colors used in the background for a really fun decoration.
I also love how they have the bright color adorable rugs in each different room. This set really was the perfect gift and so cute for doll games.
KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse
Now that you can see how easily the dolls can fit in the KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse, I wanted to show you how tall this dollhouse is.
This is my 8 year old daughter and the dollhouse is taller than she is! This KidKraft dollhouse for 18 inch dolls is about 66 inches tall. At 5' 4", the doll house is just a little taller than I am!!
KidKraft Elegant 18" Doll Dollhouse
The Kidcraft house for 18 inch doll is a perfect gift for any 18" doll lover or american girl dolls lover. I love this set mostly for the follow reasons:
-It fits multiple 18" dolls
-It is large enough that multiple girls can play together
-It is adorable with bright colors and great details
-It is fast and easy to build
-It is high quality
-It comes with high quality wood furniture

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