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Game Day Football Pennant Banner

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A decorative shelf displaying a family photo, football pennant banner, and autumnal decorations.This craft is SO easy to make if you have Cricut machine! I love my Cricut because it allows me to make quick and easy craft for any holiday or event. I typically make a banner for every holiday because you can choose one design and cut out multiples it is really fast and easy to do and my kids love helping. For this one, we used the football from the Martha Stewart Birthday Cake Art Cartridge but you are welcome to use any football that you would like.

Football Pennant Banner


Cricut Machine

Martha Stewart Birthday Cake Art Cartridge
Brown Cardstock
Mini Clothespins

A decorative football pennant banner featuring cutouts of footballs and patterned pennants strung across a wall.


1. With your Cricut Machine Cut out as many of your football shape that you would need for your banner. I used 14 but it could definitely be longer or shorter depending on the length of your mantle.

2. Cut twine in the length of your mantle and secure it into place.

3. Use your mini Clothespins to attach footballs to the twine.

Note: If you switch out your banner for holidays and events you can keep your twine and clothespins on your mantle and just switch out the die cuts! It really is easy and looks so fun!

Decorative football-themed pennant banner with paper cutouts for a game day celebration.


Here are some other banners you might enjoy:

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Sharing is caring!