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Exclusive Interview with Fergie #ABCTVEvent #AMAS

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A woman in a black dress posing with one hand on her hip during an exclusive interview with Fergie.

Credit: (ABC/Bob D'Amico)

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with 24 other bloggers for an Exclusive Interview with Fergie. I have done multiple interviews but this one was really fun because she seemed to be interested in sitting down and talking about being a mom more than her career. She has a very impressive career but I was very impressed that she was so passionate about her family that she was excited to talk about it. Obviously motherhood is something we were all very familiar with so we were excited to talk more with her about it. We were not only able to listen to her talk about her family or career but she also sang a sweet song for us that she sings for her son. You could tell that she really loved her son and was excited to share with us. Here are some facts I learned about Fergie in our Interview:

  • Fergie's newest album is a love letter to the world.
  • The inspiration behind Fergie's style="color: #292f33;"> new song LA Love was from having pride for her home town and being a part of the LA scene
  • Fergie uses iCal for juggling life with a family and a career. She has a color coordinated schedule to keep track of work and family life. 
  • Some of her songs include feelings for her song. Being a mom has changed how she does her music. "Certain lyrics I just want to write about him."
  • Fergie Reads WWD Magazine everyday! 🙂
  • Mommy time is very important to her. She gets very sad if she has to miss a mommy/son date.
  • Life is a true balance: "You can have it all, but not all at once."
  • Fergie is a "True believer in me time. Everyone needs time just for them self. "A group of smiling women posing for an exclusive interview with Fergie for a photo outdoors.

This was such a fun interview because she was so relaxed and really just want to have a fun chat. She was so down to earth, happy, beautiful and passionate about both work and family. The interview went really fast and she really seemed bummed when we had to finish. She took the time after the interview to take some photos with us. When we were waiting to get the photo taken, she took the time to say hi to each of us and ask us our name and where we were from.

Promotional image for the American Music Awards featuring an exclusive interview with the artist Fergie, advertised to perform live.


I love listening to Fergie perform. She has a beautiful voice and I love her songs. I go to Jazzercise every week and I love dancing to her songs because they are upbeat and so much fun. Tune in on November 23rd for the American Music Awards where you can see Fergie performing live! I love music so I always tune in the the AMA's to hear all of my favorite performers sing.

Promotional image of Fergie hosting and performing on “Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” featuring an exclusive interview with Fergie, airing December

Not only is Fergie busy singing and being a mom but you will also find her hosting and Performing at the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest. You can watch live at 8pm ET on December 31st on ABC. This is always such a fun way to bring in the New Year!

To stay up to date you can follow Fergie, NYRE, and AMA's on Twitter:


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AMAs: ‪#‎AMAs‬

I received a trip to Los Angeles from Disney and ABC where I got to interview Fergie. All opinions are my own.

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