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Caramel Apple Inspired Double Dipped Caramel Oreos

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A stack of chocolate-covered oreos with orange sprinkles displayed on a decorative doily.

Every year, we have a family tradition where we make gourmet Caramel Apples. We invite my husbands family and everyone brings their favorite topping to share. We always have delicious toppings like marshmallows, butterscotch chips. m&m's, mini chocolate chips, crushed oreos, coconut, and more. I love this tradition because everyone gets to make the perfect caramel apple to their liking and they all turn out differently.

Candy-coated caramel apple covered in various sweets on a wooden stick, with similar apples blurred in the background.

This year, when we finished decorating our apples, we found that we had a lot of left over toppings, caramel and oreo cookies. We decided to experiment and came up with the most delicious Double Dipped Caramel Oreos, each topped with different Caramel Apple inspired toppings.

A plate full of chocolate dipped Oreos
1 pack of Oreos
Bag of Craft Caramels
Bag of White Chocolate/ Milk Chocolate
Favorite Toppings 
Assorted chocolate-dipped cookies with various toppings on a red plate.
1. Melt caramels according to package directions. We use our crock pot to evenly melt our caramel.
2. Melt white chocolate or Milk Chocolate. You can use chocolate chips or melting chocolates. We use melting chocolates that we buy at Michaels. Melt according to package directions. We prefer the microwave method.
3. Dip half of Oreo into Caramel and let cool for about a minute.
4. Dip Caramel covered Oreo in Chocolate.
5. Immediately cover in toppings of your choice. 
6. Move to wax paper to harden. We also recommend putting it in the fridge.
7. Enjoy! 
A stack of oreos creatively coated with various flavors of chocolate and sprinkled with assorted toppings, presented as "double dipped oreos.

Sharing is caring!