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DIY Get Ziggy With It Christmas Stencil Wall Art

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A handmade Christmas stencil wall art piece featuring a glittery stag head on a patterned background.

I received the Get Ziggy With It Christmas Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils to review. All opinions are my own.

For years now, I have admired the look of professional stencils that can be found from such companies as Royal Design Studios. They have been the leading designer of wall stencils since 1994 so they know what they're doing. As I look through their idea galleries on their website, I am flooded with inspiration to add fun dimension and style to every bare wall in my house. They specialize in designer quality stencils and decorative painting supplies and tools that have been used by professionals in the industry for years and now are available to everyone with a paint brush. I love that they provide not only the physical tools but an endless supply of support and information to help you be successful at whatever you are trying to achieve. In the past I have tried replicating the look by making my own stencil, but by the time I finished creating one out of plastic, I was worn out even before doing my actual project. I was very excited to try out a stencil to see first-hand how well they performed. I hope you enjoy my DIY Christmas Stencil Wall Art.

Christmas Stencil Wall Art

After selecting the "Get Ziggy with It," the stencil was shipped quickly to me and unrolled easily to be ready to use. I was impressed by the durability of the high quality mylar plastic and clean cut of the design. I read through the simple yet detailed instructions and gathered my paint and canvas I was going to use. Since my canvas had been used in other projects I first painted it completely white so that the white background color that would show through would be clean and crisp.

Christmas Stencil Wall Art Applying gray paint with a sponge on a white lattice structure for Christmas stencil wall art.

Using the guides on the stencil itself, I made sure I positioned the stencil straight and level and used painter's tape to secure it to the canvas so that it would not slip. Dabbing a foam stencil brush into paint, I then patted the extra off onto a paper towel and then applied it to my stencil. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the stencil worked to prevent seepage of paint from getting underneath the stencil, as long as I didn't apply too much paint. I completed a section of the painting, lifted and re-positioned the stencil to line up with the existing design. It really was so simple!!

A hand cleaning a Christmas-patterned fabric surface.

After allowing it all to dry, I decided that I wanted a more weathered look, so I took grade 80 sandpaper and roughly rubbed around the canvas to lift some of the paint and expose some of the original color. I loved how it aged the piece and gave it more character. Since I wanted this to be hung on my gallery wall for the Christmas season, it only seemed necessary that I adorn it with a gorgeous sparkling stag head. It's a must.

Christmas Stencil Wall Art

I found this glittering beauty and my local Shopko store and it was originally a Christmas ornament. I removed the hook and string from the top and then used a bit of Gorilla glue to secure it to the canvas. After 30 minutes, it was ready to hang. I love the modern design and flair that it gives to the space. I'm excited about all the possibilities of using this reusable stencil, even beyond Christmas. Perhaps an accent wall in the bathroom or the top of a tray table will soon be transformed.

Christmas Stencil Wall Art

You should definitely head over to Royal Design Studio Stencils at to check out their many designs and options that will empower you to create the look of your dreams quickly and easily. I am a big fan!

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