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5 Cool Gift Ideas for Teens #vzwbuzz

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A wooden-textured smartphone displayed on its packaging with a text overlay: "5 Cool Gift Ideas for Teens.

There are some people that I have a really easy time shopping for. It seems like I go to the store and everything that I come across is the PERFECT gift. Other people, on the other hand, you can go from store to store and still not come out with a gift. Kids tend to be pretty easy because they make the mile long Santa wish list that you can shop from. Teenagers on the other hand are more difficult because they are very vague with their wants. I have compiled a list of 5 Cool Gift Ideas for Teens that they are sure to love.

5 Cool Gift Ideas for Teens

1. Jawbone Up24- There are many teenagers that spend the whole school year playing different sports. The jawbone is really fun because your teen can track all of their activity, including steps, distance, calories burned. This allows them to know exactly how much daily activity they are receiving and set daily goals.

2. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker-  What teen doesn't love music! My kids love sitting in their room and listening to music. This mini speaker is perfect because it is small in size so they can move it around with them. They can listen while they are doing homework, hanging out, cleaning or working out. The Bose brand is known for their amazing sound and this speaker would be such a great gift.

A plantronics sports headset with a neon yellow accent and carrying case is one of the 5 cool gift ideas for teens.3. Plantronics BackBeat Bluetooth Stereo Headset-  This headset is perfect for for the teenager that loves to workout, go for a run, mow the lawn or just hang out. This headset is really comfortable to wear, looks cool and is wireless! Your teen will love that they can go for a run or workout and not have to worry about a headphone cord. They will also receive a Smartphone armband so they can carry their phone with them while they workout.

5 Cool Gift Ideas for Teens: A spherical white object with a blue number 8 atop a colorful box with the word "rush" visible.

4. Orbotix Sphero 2 Robotic Gaming System-  The Sphero 2 is a must have for teenagers.  Sphero 2  is like the coolest do everything robot. It is a big white ball that you sync to your phone or tablet and you can control it. You can drive it around your floor, go over ramps and do so many fun things. The Sphero 2 is synced to your phone and there are 25+ free apps that you can download to use with your Sphero 2. Each app is different and a lot of fun. Your teen will love hanging out with his friends playing the fun Sphero 2 games.

A wooden-back smartphone with a camera and logo, displayed in its packaging, is among the 5 cool gift ideas for teens.

5. Moto X SmartPhone- Color: Bamboo-  There are so many great smartphones out there, but there is something extra hip and cool about the Moto X. Especially in the Bamboo color. Maybe its because I grew up in the beach cities and this phone scream beach cool to me. This phone is slick and stylish and sure to be a big hit. This phones 5.2-inch display and 13 MP camera is sure to make any teenager excited! 

If all else fails, you can't go wrong with a Verizon Gift Card. There are some many great gift items at Verizon and you can put their gift card in their stocking and they can pick out the perfect gift for themselves!

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