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5 things you may not have known about the Animal Kingdom Lodge

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A smiling man wearing glasses, a plaid shirt, and a name tag standing indoors, showcasing things you may not have known about the Animal Kingdom Lodge.While at Disney World for the Monkey Kingdom Event, I had the opportunity to have an interview with Greg Peccie while at the Sanaa Restaurant. I will tell you more about this amazing restaurant on Monday, but I am excited to share with you what I learned of lunch with our interview. Greg Peccie is the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal Operations Manager. His job is to not only take make sure that the animals are getting proper care, but to also manage those that are in giving the care.

A man sitting at a restaurant table with drinks and a basket, illuminated by decorative lamps hanging in the background, showcasing things you may not have known about the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

My parents live in Orlando area, so many times when we visit we stop by Animal Kingdom Lodge. The environment is so inviting and we love being able to spot animals. My kids love seeing how close the animals will get to them and learning about new animals. I loved hearing Greg Peccie because he obviously loved his job and loved the environment that they have created.
Savanna landscape with scattered trees and bushes under a partly cloudy sky, echoing the serene beauty of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I learned so much from this interview and I wanted to share with you 5 things you may not have known about the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

1. Unlike Animal Kingdom, at the Animal Kingdom Lodge the animals stay out all night. They only come inside between 6-11 in the morning for testing and procedures. They have a special bell that they ring and the animals know to go into the barn at this time.

2. Many of the education guides you will find at Animal Kingdom lodge are from Africa and visiting on a 12 mo. working Visa so they can work and teach first hand about Africa and the animals.

A sunny day at a park with palm trees, other trees, and things you may not have known about the Animal Kingdom Lodge in the background.

3. Animal Kingdom Lodge is 46 acres, has 250 animals, 30 different species and 4 Savannas. There goal at Animal Kingdom Lodge is that people would leave with a new appreciation of a new animal.

4. At Animal Kingdom Lodge, they recognize that learning from a tv or ipad is not the same as seeing them in person. They wanted to give guests the experience to try and see something new. They developed the lodge as an educational experience for kids and if you are staying at the lodge, you will find an animal spotting guide in your room.A sunny day with scattered clouds over a landscape featuring palm trees and the Animal Kingdom Lodge in the background.

5. There are great was at the lodge to learn more about the animals. These options have an additional cost. You could dine with an animal specialist where you have the opportunity to ask any question that you have about the animals. They also have the Wanyama Safari where you drive through the Savannas and then have a 5 course meal. This culinary safari sounds amazing.

For more information about the lodge visit: Animal Kingdom Lodge online.

A monkey walks along a wall in a serene forest bathed in sunlight filtering through the trees, reminiscent of things you may not have known about the Animal Kingdom Lodge.Another way to learn about the animals in our world is by watching the Disneynature movies. Disneynature Monkey Kingdom is in theaters now. This movie took almost 3 years to film and gives an amazing behind the scenes look at the Monkeys and how they interactive and live in their environment. This movie is perfect for the whole family. My kids loved following the story of Maya and Kip. You can see it now at a theater near you!

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I received a trip to Disney World for the Monkey Kingdom Event. In return, I agreed to share my experiences with my readers. All opinions are my own.

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