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10 fun activities for the perfect Spring activities for outdoor fun


Spring is here, spring is here, spring is here! Yes, I get overly giddy excited about Spring. Spring is just about one of the best things in the world because kids tend to get bored over a cold winter and the warmth and beauty of spring makes them alive and happy again! Here are 10 fun activities for the perfect Spring activities for outdoor fun.

Not only is spring beautiful but the weather is perfect! Often times winter can be too cold and summer can be too hot so Spring is the perfect temperature where my kids want to spend every waking moment exploring and enjoying the outdoors. Spring is the perfect time for an adventure!! Here are 10 fun activities for the perfect Spring Adventure:

10 fun activities for the perfect Spring activities for outdoor fun

  1.  Go on a hike-  This doesn't have to be far away or take a lot time. Often kids are excited to explore a near by trail or even go on a walk around the neighborhood. Going on a hike is a great way to have fun and enjoy spring!
  2. Look at bugs through a magnifying glass-  This is so much fun for kids and an activity that they can do in their own back yard. My son is often found with a magnifying glass in his hand so he can explore further the world around him on every activity that we do.
  3. Play in a river-  With the weather getting warmer, kids love swimming in the lake, local pool or playing in the review. Safety first, though and make sure they always do this with adult supervision! Playing in the river is such a fun way for a spring adventure!IMG_1025
  4. Do an outdoor craft-  There are so many fun crafts that kids can do outside. Some of our favorite include painting pots and planting flowers, drawing on rocks with sharpies, and side walk chalk.
  5. Go fishing-  This is a favorite of my boys. My dad is a big fisherman so as soon as the weather starts to warm up, they get excited to take an adventure to a stream or a lake to go fishing!FruitShootBaseball
  6. Join a sports team- There are so many fun sports that start in the fall. Your kids could join a baseball team, soccer team, swim team or flag football team. Most cities have a City league which isn't a big commitement but so much fun for the kids. My boys joined baseball and love having the chance to get outside and play ball every week.
  7. Fly a kite-  Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height! I love flying kites! My kids each have their favorite kite and when the weather is perfect we head to the park near our house to fly kites. Flying kites can be relaxing or a fun way to run and play.
  8. Make S'mores-  This is one of my favorite activities when then weather starts to warm up. We love to throw a BBQ Spring party where everyone brings their favorite s'mores ingredients and the kids run and play in the back yard while the adults sit by the fire and talk.
  9. Do a scavenger hunt. Look for flowers, leaves, bugs, and more. An outdoor scavenger hunt is such a fun way to explore nature.
  10. Race a Mini Mudder (a partner of Fruit Shoot) is the greatest kids obstacle course on the planet! Click here to find out when a Mini Mudder is happening near you!

One thing that I love about kids is that they can find fun and adventure at every turn. Adventure can happen anywhere – inside, outside, on the field, in your backyard. It doesn't have to be difficult, talk a lot of planning or cost a lot of money. Adventure means freedom for kids to bounce around, get dirty and generally be care-free. Adventure is such an important part of kids lives and the perfect spring adventure always bring a smile to their face.

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