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World Cup Ham and Cheese Empanadas

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Three ham and cheese empanadas on a white plate.

Did you watch the World Cup? Who were you cheering for? My husband served a religious mission in Argentina so we were very excited that they made it to the final game against Germany. We got together with my sister-in-law and her husband to watch the game today. ( He also served in Argentina)  They all looked adorable in their matching Argentina jerseys.

A family wearing soccer jerseys, celebrating with homemade ham and cheese empanadas in the kitchen.

To help us really enjoy the spirit of the game we made Ham and Cheese Empanadas and ate them as we cheered on Argentina. What a game! Even though they didn't win we had such a great time watching, good fun and fun company! You can't beat that! And now, I have an easy recipe to share with you

Ham and Cheese Empanadas

Ham Steaks cut into cubes
Shredded Cheese
Empanada Dough (available from an International Market)
Empanada Press


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Set Empanadas dough on top of press. We used the brand shown in the photo below that you can find in a local International market.


A partially opened package of p.a.n. fuego tapas para ham and cheese empanadas criollas, containing 16 dough discs for baking.


3. Add about 20 pieces of cubed ham on top of dough and spread around evenly. Staying away from edges.

Preparation of ham and cheese empanadas with diced ham inside the dough and shredded cheese mixed within.


4. Cover ham with shredded cheese and spread evenly.

A person assembling ham and cheese empanadas.


5. Close press so they Empanada will seal. The presses from Amazon are the best deal because you get 3 for only 7.99 and work great.

A hand holding a small, white plastic device filled with shredded cheese and diced ham for making ham and cheese empanadas.


6. Press shut to guarantee that it is sealed.

Person holding a plastic cheese grater over a pile of grated cheese for ham and cheese empanadas on a kitchen counter.


7. Remove empanada from press and it will look all professional and perfect with these great lines. (Your guests are sure to be impressed)

A person holding a large, uncooked ham and cheese empanada over a kitchen counter.


8. Lay out empanadas on foil covered cookie sheet and brush with butter.

Brushing egg wash on raw ham and cheese empanadas before baking.

9. Bake in preheated oven for 10-15 minutes. Oven temperatures may vary. Empanadas will be golden brown in color.

Golden-browned ham and cheese empanadas on a baking sheet.


10. Enjoy!! Go Argentina!

Three baked ham and cheese empanadas on a white plate.


Sharing is caring!