Finding Dory

One of my favorite things about getting a movie on Blu-ray is skipping right to the special features.  Before re-watching the movie, I watched the Finding Dory Blu-ray special features. There is a reason that Finding Dory is being called the Biggest Animated Movie of All Time.  If you watched thisRead More →

One of my kids favorite part of watching Disney movies is looking for hidden Easter Eggs.  Here is a look at Disney’s Finding Dory Easter Eggs. NOSTALGIC WHEELS – The truck that is featured late in the movie features a logo from the 1986 short “Luxo, Jr.” produced by Pixar andRead More →

Just a few more days now and Finding Dory will be in theaters!  I know many people have been counting down the days to the release.  As will all Pixar films, before watching your movie you are treated to a Pixar short film. I don’t think that I have seenRead More →

One of my favorite things about sequels is the fact that we get to enjoy our favorite characters but also get introduced to so many new characters that i’m sure we will learn to immediately love. If you have watched the new trailers for Finding Dory, we have been introducedRead More →

I have always been fascinated by the behind the scenes in movie making.  There is so much that goes into making a movie and learning about it helps me to appreciate the movie more.  Recently, when I visited Monterey California for the Finding Dory Event I was able to learnRead More →

Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Monterey California for the Finding Dory Event. This was a quick but incredible trip where we had the chance to learn all things behind the scenes for the Finding Dory Movie. Disney Pixar Finding Dory will be in theaters JuneRead More →

Next week Monday, I will be swimming my way to Monterey California for the Disney Pixar Finding Dory Event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I am so excited to learn behind the scenes information about Finding Dory, tour the Monterey Bay Aquarium and interview amazing Filmmakers and Animators from theRead More →

My four year old daughter has been watching Finding Nemo on repeat.  It is funny how kids get hooked on a show and want to watch it again and again.  Luckily, she is hooked on a movie that I really like so I don’t mind having it playing.  Finding NemoRead More →