Disney Animation

If you have already seen Big Hero 6 then you are sure to have enjoyed the short film shown before the movie.  I always look forward to going to a movie and have the extra short film to enjoy.  We have two dogs in our home so I was especiallyRead More →

I had the opportunity to visit Disney Toon Studios while I was on my Disney Pirate Fairy Trip.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to see a screening of The Pirate Fairy as well as meet with The Pirate Fairy Directors and Animation Team.  I received an allRead More →

Who here loves Olaf?  Raise your hand.  Okay, i’m sure that everyone in the entire inter-world is raising their hand because he is truly a fun, happy, adorable, and cuddly character.  He is definitely one of the favorites in our house.  Last month, when I had the opportunity to visitRead More →