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How to Tackle Curly Hair #GoodyGorgeous

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A smiling young girl, learning how to tackle curly hair, with blue eyes.

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I have straight hair. The kind of straight hair that when you use curlers, you take the curlers out and your hair instantly falls flat and boring straight. My husband also have straight hair. You can imagine our surprise when both of our oldest kids ended up with really curly hair. I had no idea how to take care of curly hair. Luckily, with my son, you just keep the hair short and it is easy to care for. My daughter on the other hand, has the most amazing, beautiful long curly hair. When done right, it looks so beautiful. Although, every morning we start with the most miserable tangled mess. We always have to budget in extra time every morning to manage her hair. I have learned that there are two important things that are necessary to manage extremely curly hair. Number one is good hair product, and number two is a brush made for curly hair. Not all brushes are created equally when it comes to curls.

A shopping cart containing hairbrushes with discount tags, perfect for tackling curly hair.
In hopes to find the perfect hair brush my daughter and I headed to Walgreens. They have a BOGO offer going on right now  with their Goody brushes so we were excited to give them a try. We have been told again and again not to use brushes with curly hair, but we figured that there had to be some kind of solution because there is no way to get through tangles with a comb! 

Young girl smiling and holding hairbrush packaging, labeled "How to Tackle Curly Hair," in a store.

As part of the BOGO offer we purchased the Tanglefix brush and the Quikstyle Half Round. The Quikstyle is also available in a paddle brush. My daughter was excited to find a solution to here tangled curly hair problem because it always takes too long in the mornings to get ready, and frankly, it hurts to get through tangles!! 

A smiling girl holding a purple hairbrush and a blue-and-white hair detangler demonstrates how to tackle curly hair.

Of course, in true busy life style, stressfully, me and all of my kids slept in in the morning and we had limited time to get ready for school. My daughter came down after her show with brushes in hand and we set to work, ready to tackle the tangles. Seriously, I wish that you could have been there to see the amazing Tanglefix brush in action.

Brushing curly brown hair in front of a bathroom mirror: How to Tackle.

The first brush through her hair, went from top to bottom with easy, combing easily through all of her tangles. This brush is the answer for curly hair. We were quickly able to painlessly comb through her curly hair fast and easily. I'm not kidding, this brush takes off at least 10 minutes from my morning routine. And what a grateful surprise it was in the morning that we were running behind! For my daughters hair, we found that after she showers we first, run the Tanglefix brush through her hair completely and the follow with brushing under her hair with the Quikstyle Half Round brush. The microfiber bristles seem to help her hair dry quicker while not making it frizz. So, if your child has curly hair and you are struggling with How to Tackle Curly Hair and to find the right tools and time, we recommend:

1. Tanglefix brush through her hair completely after a shower.

2. Follow by brushing under her hair with the Quikstyle Half Round brush.

Young girl with curly hair smiling in a red shirt against a plain background, demonstrating How to Tackle Curly Hair.

I may have done the happy dance after sending my daughter to school because even though we woke up late, it was stress-free. I look back on way to many school days when my poor daughter went to school with a crazy tangled curly mess hair tied to the top of her head because we didn't have the time to work on her tangles. Next step, we will learn some extra cute hairstyles since her hair is more manageable! The Tanglefix brush easily and smoothly brushed through her hair that she decided she would give it a try wearing her hair down to school! 

Sale on Goody QuikStyle hairbrushes at a retail store, featuring a "buy 1, get 1 free" promotion, perfect for how to tackle curly hair.

Buy One Get One FREE offer! 

Right now, while supplies last,  you can stop by Walgreens and use your Walgreens Balance Rewards card to get a great promotional BOGO offer! Purchase the Goody TangleFix and Quikstyle hairbrushes with the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Goody product offer available September 28, 2014- November 1, 2014. This is such a fantastic deal for great brushes! Especially if you are struggling with tackling curly hair, like I was! To stay up to date on future deals like above, follow Goody on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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