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Jar of Poison Halloween Decoration

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Jar of Poison with a skull and crossbones label and green liquid, styled as a Halloween decoration.

If you throw Halloween parties the Jar of Poison is a really easy and fun craft that you can make. This can be fully for decoration purposes or you can make one for each person and this is what they drink out of at the party. It really adds a fun spooky factor for the party and I love the dark green look of the drink! Definitely looks like poison! (Don't worry, its KoolAid! 🙂 )

Jar of Poison

What you need
Jar with Cork
Black Vinyl
Halloween Cartridge
Cricut Machine

Green KoolAid

As you can see, this jar is very simple to make but looks great! Cut out your Poison designs with your Cricut Machine on black vinyl. Use Contact paper to transfer onto your jar. Tie twine around jar, add drink and cork and you are ready to decorate or serve! I used a small funnel to transfer KoolAid into the jar so it wouldn't spill on the outside. If you are using as a drink, add your cook and refrigerate until serving.

A jar of poison labeled "poison" surrounded by fall leaves.

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