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Samsung Flex Washer Dryer Pair from Best Buy

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A close up of a logoThis post is sponsored by Best Buy. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to the appliances in my house, there is nothing I love more than features that make my life easier. Especially now that summer is here, my life seems to have gotten ten times busier. We are on the go more often then we are home and so I need things that simplify my life, or I think that I would go crazy. Here is a moment of honesty for you. I hate laundry. Like HATE laundry. There is something frustrating about never being done because someone is ALWAYS wearing clothes that feels overwhelming. Then I found the Samsung Flex Washer Dryer pair from Best Buy. Get this--- wash TWO separately controlled loads in the same unit. At the same time. Did you get that???

"Wash TWO separately controlled loads in the same unit. At the same time."

Washer and dryerMind blown. You can quote me on that. If that doesn't make your life easier, I don't know what will! Let me give you a little sneak peek at my before.

Old washer and dryer

And my after.

Washer and dryerWoah. I know, right? Now before I start telling you about all the incredible features I want to give a quick shout out to the Best Buy Delivery Guys who not only carried a Washer and Dryer up the stairs effortlessly, but they also did some re-organizing magic in our small laundry room so the Washer and Dryer would fit perfectly. Very impressed with their customer service. Highly recommended!

A person standing next to a suitcase, with Best Buy

As mentioned above, both the Samsung Washer and Dryer can do two loads at the same time. The picture on the left shows the washer and the picture on the right is the dryer. The upper load on both machines is a simpler cycle with not as many features whereas the lower load has lots of different features. My biggest concern when finding out about this double loud Washer and Dryer was that it would only have enough room for two tiny loads of laundry. Which works great for two people, but not for a family of seven. I was completely wrong though, because they are both huge and are able to fit a full size load in the main compartment and a smaller load for above. It really is a time saver being able to wash two loads at once.Samsung and Best Buy

Alright, so here is the Samsung’s FlexWash™ Washer. This Washer provides the ultimate washing flexibility, with two separately controlled washers in the same unit, so you can wash different types of laundry at the same time. You can see from this next photo that there is plenty of room in the washer to wash your laundry. I have found that my loads aren't any smaller than they were before. I am so impressed by the many features as well as the load size.

A close up of a washer drum

This shows that top load for the Washer. I have found that I like this compartment best when I have delicates, whites or items that I need to get washed fast. I love having a separate place to wash items that I feel need a little more care and attention. Samsung and LaundryThe Samsung’s FlexDry™ Dryer is amazing as it provides the ultimate drying flexibility, by combining a conventional large capacity dryer with a delicate dryer, so you dry delicates and everyday garments at the same time. After I have washed my clothes, I often have items that I am fine washing normally and items that are more delicate. The regular items fit perfectly in the large dryer. Just like the washer, it fits a large load of clothes.Samsung and Best Buy

I really love the delicates dryer because I don't have to worry about ruining clothes or extra wrinkling because I am able to lay a shirt out completely in order to dry it out. I can still save time while washing two loads at once but without the stress of ruining my delicates. Top view of a washer

You'll love the Samsung Flex Washer and Dryer. It has all the features needed for the perfect wash mixed with the convenience of being able to do two loads at once. This really is a great model for those wanting all the features but to save a little bit of time. For more information visit them online at

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