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Samsung AddWash Laundry Pair

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A pair of modern Samsung AddWash Laundry Pair washing machines placed side by side in a home laundry room.

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Oh laundry. If I could come up with a chore that I despise most, it would be laundry. With 4 kids, it is amazing how quickly the laundry pile builds up. It would often take me all day long to get through the laundry which would be very frustrating. That was before we received our Samsung AddWash Laundry Pair. Oh my goodness, laundry time is so much more enjoyable when you are able to cut the time in half!! I was shocked when I started my first load of laundry and I could probably fit twice as many clothes in the Washer as I normally do! I love how much time I am able to save with a laundry system that can hold more clothes. As a mom, saving time is a big deal. Plus, with all the fun bells and whistles of this laundry pair, my kids are excited to help. Even my 7 year old has asked if he could do his own laundry. If that isn't a win/win, I don't know what is! Lol. Now lets talk about some of my favorite features!

Samsung AddWash Front-Load Washer

Control panel of a Samsung washing machine with various wash settings and a digital display showing the wash cycle time.

I had a really awesome delivery guy who delivered the Washer and Dryer to me. He set it up and could instantly tell that I was overwhelmed by all of the features and options on this machine. He told me not to worry, because it was a really easy to use machine and he took some time to teach me how to use it. I was so impressed that a Washer with so many features is so easy to use. After loading your clothes, it really just takes seconds to get your load started. I love that you have so many options so you can get the perfect clean for whatever items you are washing. With 14 Preset Wash Cycles and 13 Options you can find the perfect cycle for any item of clothing!

A close-up of a Samsung AddWash laundry pair's detergent dispenser drawer with labeled compartments for pre-wash, bleach, and liquid softener.

The Prewash, Main Wash, Softener, Bleach dispenser trays make it really convenient for getting a load started. Everything is easily labeled so their is no question where you put your bleach, detergent or softener. I love that this Washer takes the complication out of doing laundry and really helps you to get your load started as quickly as possible. Front-loading Samsung AddWash washing machine door open with an empty drum.

Is it totally nerdy of me that when I saw the inside of the Washer for the first time all lit up that I thought it looked super pretty! Lol. This washer features a Swirl Drum Design and has a 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity. This means that you can wash a lot of laundry in it. Did you know, this 27" front-loading washer with 5.0 cu. ft. capacity is the largest in its class. You'll get more laundry done in less time. I sure love to save time. One of the first loads that I washed were towels and often I can get only 3-4 towels in a load to make sure that they are washed well. I probably couldn't have gotten 8-10 towels in here and still had room to spare! I love laundry when it saves you time. Seriously, this Washer makes me happy! A dimly lit photograph focusing on the inside of a Samsung AddWash washing machine drum.

Another cool feature of the Samsung AddWash Washer is that it has a pretty cool door within a door. What does this mean, you ask? It means that you can easily add laundry to your cycle after it has started! I know, cool, right?? If you realized that you forgot to add a clothing item, you can easily and quickly add it after a load is started. You know how with your old washer, if you wanted to add clothing, you would have to Pause it, then when you opened the door, water would leak all over the floor? Nope, not any more with this super cool door in a door! Your floor stays dry and you get all your forgotten laundry washed.

Samsung Top-Load Electric Dryer

A Samsung washing machine control panel on the left and a Samsung dryer control panel with an illuminated digital display on the right.

The Samsung Top-Load Electric Dryer is equally impressive in its large selection of features. With 12 Preset Drying Cycles, 11 Options and 5 Temperature Settings you'll find that you get the perfect dry every time. Plus with the sensor dry option,  your dryer will sense if it needs more time. I love that it has the Dry level feature because when I am washing my kids underwear, I know that it will take a lot less time to dry, whereas if I am washing towels a tend to set it at more dry. Having so many features helps to better take care of my clothes so they last longer.Front view of an open, empty Samsung clothes dryer drum.

This dryer features a 7.4 cu. ft. Capacity DOE stainless steel drum and you will be shocked how much you can fit in it. I really wish I could give you a point of reference that could show you just how big it is, because the large drum size really is fantastic. I guess you will just have to believe me. It is big! 🙂 It is plenty big to fit your biggest loads, or works great even if you need to throw in a few items for the de-wrinkle cycle. Shhh... just between you and me-- The Wrinkle Away option is my new ironing board! When I have something that is wrinkled-- it goes right to my super cool dryer and it takes care of my wrinkle problem. Saving me time and embarrassment of wearing wrinkled clothes in public!

Samsung AddWash Laundry Pair Close-up of a modern Samsung AddWash washing machine control panel.

I am so impressed with the Samsung AddWash Laundry Pair. Seriously, SO impressed. Some of my favorite features include the sleek design of these machines and how elegant they look in my laundry room. The Child Lock features great so your child can get into danger or stop a load that is going. My youngest loves buttons and the pretty sounds this Laundry Pair makes when you move the knob or press buttons, so without this features she would be playing with it all day long! Lol. I love that both the Washer and the Dryer are quiet while the loads are running. It features VRT Plus™ Technology - Reduces Noise and Vibration to a Low-level and when a load is finished you get a fun little jingle to know that it is done. The jingle is nice because it lasts long enough that I know when I hear it I can quickly come and change my load over. They are also Energy Star certified so I know that they are ec0-friendly and I am saving money each year while using them.

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