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Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Producer Suzanne Todd Interview

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A smiling woman with blonde hair, Producer Suzanne Todd, seated at a table during an interview, adorned with a necklace, against a backdrop with floral patterns.

There are some people in this world that you meet for the first time and you can tell that they are a really good, kind person. Suzanne Todd is one of these types of people. I first had the opportunity to hear her speak at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

I loved hearing her speak at that time because she was adorable, funny and so passionate about the movie that she made. You could tell that she loves her job and loves Alice Through the Looking Glass. Suzanne Todd is a very successful Hollywood Producer and had made movies for 30 years. Her passion and success in an inspiration to girls everywhere.

A woman presenting a shoe beside an "Alice Through the Looking Glass" movie poster during Producer Suzanne Todd's interview.

We had the opportunity to interview Suzanne Todd as part of the Alice Through the looking glass event. When we saw her at Disney Social Media Moms Conference, she was wearing the most adorable pair of Alice shoes. During our interview, she brought the shoes in a box and was telling us about how she was helping with Maria Shriver's charity, Move for Minds. This Charity focuses on Alzheimers.

I was touched by this project because my own grandmother passed away from Alzheimers. She went on to tell us that she was really impressed by one person who made a donation and that person was in the room. She then handed these adorable Alice shoes as a gift to one of the bloggers, Keri Renner as a thank you for a donation Keri made in her grandmother's name. I was really touched by this moment and it was another testament of how good and kind Suzanne Todd is. We also learned in our interview that she has students from film schools and different organizations that she mentors every year. I think this is really need and such an important part of making the next generation successful.

Woman giving a presentation next to a promotional poster for 'alice through the looking glass' while discussing Producer Suzanne Todd's interview.

In our interview with Suzanne Todd we had the opportunity to talk about being a single mom, family, balance, work life, and more. I loved talking to her and getting insight into how she is able to balance life as a mom as well as having a full time job. I don't work full time and I know how difficult balance can be so hearing tips and advice is always helpful. I loved that she was so open and kind to talking to us about issues like balance and womenhood.

Producer Suzanne Todd presenting at a conference table surrounded by attentive listeners.

Suzanne Todd shared with us different themes that she recognized in this movie. The most important themes that stood out to her were time, family and women. She hoped that girls would watch this movie and learn that girls can be heroes! I love that my girls were able to see this movie and learn for themselves that they could do anything they put their minds to. It was very important to Suzanne to tell this story but they didn't want to rush making the sequel so they could be true to Alice and Lewis Carroll.

Suzanne talked to us about the theme of time and shared a theory on technology with us that I found very interesting. She said that Technology was created to give us more time but instead it turned us into 24 hour workers. Phones and tablets make it so easy to be working all of the time that it is important to find balance. Especially when you are a parent and have kids. She hoped that the viewers of Alice Through the Looking Glass will come out of the movie recognizing how to better balance their time.

A group of women, including producer Suzanne Todd, engaged in a discussion around a table in a room with ornate decor.

Here are some more fun facts I learned about Alice Through the Looking Glass from our Interview with Suzanne Todd:

  • One of the most difficult parts of making a movie is scheduling with big actors. They all have different schedules so it is hard to get them coordinated at the same time.
  • In preparing to make the movie, she studies books about girls and the role that girls can play in life so she could make a movie where the lead could be a hero.
  • Alice is a relatable character to young moms and older moms.
  • Alice teaches us that you can feel good about who you are.
  • Suzanne Todd loves that Johnny Depp is so gifted at bringing vulnerability to the Mad Hatter.
  • One of her favorite stories lines in the movie is the sister story between the White Queen and Red Queen.

Group of women posing together for a photo in an indoor setting during an interview with producer Suzanne Todd.
ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is now playing in theaters everywhere!

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This amazing trip to Los Angeles was hosted by Disney. All opinions are my own.

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