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Best Hummingbird gift ideas (Unique Gifts)

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I'm a self-proclaimed hummingbird fanatic. Something about these tiny, magical creatures absolutely captivates me. Their vibrant colors, their impossible flight patterns – there's just nothing else like them. If you know someone who feels the same way, you might be searching for those perfect gifts that honor their love for hummingbirds.

A person holding a framed painting of a hummingbird by a flower with a leafy backdrop.

I've got you covered! Today, I'm sharing a mix of classic hummingbird lover gifts and more unusual choices, with a special focus on some gorgeous digital downloads.

Why Digital Downloads Make Wonderful Hummingbird Gifts

Sometimes, the most thoughtful gifts aren't physical at all. Think about it – with digital downloads, you're gifting an experience, a piece of art, or even practical knowledge. They're instantly available, eco-friendly, and perfect for last-minute shoppers like me!

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Here are some of my favorite downloadable hummingbird gifts:

  • Printable Hummingbird Wall Art: A stunning piece of printable art is a fantastic way to bring a touch of nature indoors. Choose a vibrant watercolor painting, a minimalist sketch, or even a humorous hummingbird illustration – there are tons of options for diverse tastes!
  • Hummingbird Identification Charts: If your hummingbird enthusiast loves learning, an identification chart is a great gift. They become mini-experts, recognizing the different species that visit their garden!
  • Hummingbird Coloring Pages: Coloring isn't just for kids. Detailed hummingbird coloring pages provide a relaxing and creative outlet for adults too. A quick search on Etsy delivers some truly enchanting options.
A modern living room featuring a white sofa with blue cushions and a triptych of colorful hummingbird paintings on the wall.

How to turn a digital art print into a gift

Digital art prints offer incredible versatility when it comes to gift-giving! Here's how to turn them into something truly special:

Choose a high-quality print for the best results, then consider how you'd like to present it. A beautiful frame adds a polished touch and makes the artwork ready to hang. For a cozy gift, print the artwork onto a soft throw pillow or blanket. Mugs, tote bags, and phone cases can all be customized with your chosen hummingbird design for a practical yet personal present. Don't forget a heartfelt note expressing why you chose that particular image for them – it's the perfect finishing touch for a unique and thoughtful gift.

Download your 20+ Hummingbird Images Now

Hummingbird Digital Art Prints (20+ Styles!)

Transform your space with these captivating hummingbird digital art prints and surround yourself with the beauty of hummingbirds! Choose from 20+ vibrant styles featuring hummingbirds in flight, sipping nectar from colorful flowers, or set against scenic backdrops. Whether you're a bird lover, nature enthusiast, or simply adore these tiny jewels of the sky, our printable wall art lets you celebrate their magic every day.

Get them HERE

Collage of vibrant floral and hummingbird illustrations arranged in a unique repeated pattern.

Instantly download your favorite design and create a hummingbird haven just for you! Print at home or your local print shop for stunning wall decor, delightful gifts, personalized greeting cards, or even phone & laptop backgrounds. Bring the joy of hummingbirds into every corner of your life with our eye-catching digital art.

20 Hummingbird Digital Art Prints square: Vibrant Nature-inspired Wall Decor for Hummingbird and Bird Lovers Hummingbird Art - Etsy

Note: these are 20+ digital images.

Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


  • High-resolution digital files for quality prints that capture every detail
  • Square format for modern displays that easily fits standard frames
  • Diverse styles: realistic, whimsical, textured, minimalist & more to match any taste
  • Nature-inspired and bursting with color to add a touch of vibrancy to your space
  • Affordable and eco-friendly way to express your love for hummingbirds

Download Hummingbird Digital Prints Now

Elegant interior with golden-framed vibrant floral and two pink velvet chairs.

More Delightful and Unique Hummingbird Gifts

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a classic, tangible gift! Here's a roundup of some of my favorite finds for a beautiful gift:

  • Hummingbird Feeders: A must-have for any hummingbird enthusiast! Choose a beautiful design in glass or metal for a piece that's as decorative as it is useful. A feeder filled with sweet nectar isn't just a thoughtful gift—it's an invitation for hummingbirds to put on a dazzling show!
  • Hummingbird House: While hummingbirds don't tend to use traditional birdhouses, there are specialized little "houses" designed for their unique nesting needs. Gifting a tiny hummingbird house shows how much you care about every stage of their incredible life cycle.
  • Hummingbird Jewelry: A sterling silver hummingbird necklace, whimsical hummingbird earrings, or a delicate hummingbird bracelet are all lovely ways to express their love for these special birds. Every time they wear their hummingbird jewelry, they'll carry a reminder of those joyful moments watching them in the garden.
  • Hummingbird Themed Home Decor: Think mugs, throw pillows, wind chimes, and more. There are countless tasteful hummingbird-themed pieces that'll elevate their home. A touch of hummingbird decor adds a cheerful splash of color and lets them celebrate their passion even when they're indoors.
Headak Life Charming Wind Chimes Hummingbird feeders for Outdoors Hanging ant and bee Proof,Never Leak,Perfect Garden Decor for Outside

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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The Perfect Hummingbird-Themed Gift Basket

Want to create something extra special and make the best gifts? Combine a few of these ideas with other fun items to create the ultimate hummingbird-themed gift basket! Here's what I might include:

  • A beautiful hummingbird feeder: Choose a feeder in their favorite color or one with a unique design to add a decorative touch to their outdoor space. It'll quickly become the centerpiece of their garden, attracting those feathered friends.
  • A packet of hummingbird-friendly flower seeds: A colorful mix of wildflowers specifically chosen to attract hummingbirds will add beauty to their garden and provide a natural food source. What's better than a hummingbird gift? A gift that helps them support even more hummingbirds!
  • A field guide for identifying hummingbirds: Help them deepen their knowledge with a field guide dedicated to identifying the different hummingbirds in their area. It's like giving them the key to a secret world, helping them put names to those dazzling blurs of color.
  • A whimsical hummingbird mug: A playful mug adorned with hummingbirds will make their morning coffee or tea extra special. Every sip becomes a little moment to appreciate these amazing little creatures.
  • A journal for them to record their hummingbird sightings: A dedicated journal will let them track the different species, their favorite flowers, and other fun observations. It becomes a personal treasure chest of hummingbird memories.
  • Hummingbird nectar: The easiest way to attract hummingbirds! Include a ready-made mix or provide a simple recipe for them to make their own. It's the gift of endless hummingbird entertainment!
  • Framed Hummingbird Artwork: Elevate their space with a beautiful framed print or original artwork featuring hummingbirds, adding a vibrant and elegant touch to their home. Hummingbird artwork is a constant reminder of their love for these birds, even on cold nights when they aren't zipping through the garden.
A minimalist interior with a white console table, two yellow poufs, and a collection of colorful bird-themed artwork on an concrete wall.

Tips for Finding the Best Hummingbird Gifts

With the dazzling array of a hummingbird special gift out there, it can feel overwhelming. Here's how to narrow it down:

  • Etsy and Small Businesses: These platforms are treasure troves of unique, handcrafted hummingbird goodies. You'll be supporting independent creators, too!
  • Customer Reviews: Look for products with glowing reviews. That's the best indication of a high-quality item.
  • Materials: Glass hummingbird feeders and stainless steel jewelry are both durable and beautiful choices. Look for solar energy options on things like wind chimes to add sustainability!
  • Price Point: A Hummingbird thoughtful gift exist at every price point, so you can find the perfect present regardless of your budget.

A thoughtfully chosen hummingbird gift is more than just an object – it's a symbol of your shared connection. It's celebrating their fascination with these tiny wonders, and showing that you notice the things that bring them joy. Who knows, maybe your gift will even inspire them to learn more about hummingbirds, deepening their appreciation for these incredible creatures.

Painting of a hummingbird in flight among colorful flowers, frame on a white wall.

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