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How to make Jim Henson Puppet Clod

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Find out how you can make your own diy puppet with these How to make Jim Henson Puppet Clod instructions.

A colorful, alien creature with multiple eyes clad in a patterned garment, resembling a DIY puppet, sits at a table.

Aren't puppets so much fun! My kids have grown up putting on Puppet Show for our family and it is always fun to see their creativity . They use a different voice for each puppet and they create the most creative stories and adventures.

An alien figure resembling a humanoid chameleon with two smaller, similar creatures in a vividly colored and textured environment, brought to life using DIY puppet techniques inspired by Jim Henson.

We have enjoyed watch Jim Henson productions since I was a kid, and we continue to watch them now that I have my own kids. Earlier this week was World Puppetry Day and is the perfect time to play with puppets, make your own Puppet, or watch a Jim Henson show like Earth to Ned.

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An animated character resembling a diy puppet that looks like a blue-skinned alien with large eyes, dressed in a decorated jacket, sitting in front of multiple computer screens.

The most recent family-friendly series to debut from The Jim Henson Company is the critically-acclaimed Earth to Ned which features a fresh take on the late-night talk-show format starring the largest, most complicated, out-of-this-world puppet ever created!!! All episodes are currently available on Disney+.

About Earth to Ned

"In Earth to Ned, alien commander Ned (puppeteered by Paul Rugg) is sent to conquer Earth at the behest of his admiral father, but he calls off the invasion after falling in love with our pop culture and celebrities. Instead of blowing the planet up, Ned buries his ship beneath the Earth’s crust, sets up a studio on the deck, and enlists the help of his sidekick Cornelius(puppeteered by Michael Oosterom) along with his reluctant ship’s AI B.E.T.I. (puppeteered by Colleen Smith), and a gaggle of small monster-like creatures known as the CLODs, all so that he can star in his own talk show and learn more about Earth’s greatest resource….celebrities! Ned, Cornelius, their Artificial Intelligence B.E.T.I., and CLODs are brought to life by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, the team behind some of Hollywood’s most iconic characters."

Three DIY puppets resembling mad scientists in a laboratory setting with dynamic lighting effects.

In celebrating this show and World Puppet Day, we have some reason fun How to Make Jim Henson Puppet instructions for CLOD. CLODs are a group of small monster-like creatures that can eat just about any material and speak in unintelligible grunts and growls. This diy puppet is a fun craft for kids.

A quirky, diy puppet creature with large eyes and elongated feet sitting against a plain background.

How to make Jim Henson Puppet Clod

What you need

Wooden spoon (body)

Plastic fork (teeth)

Pink pipe cleaner (inside mouth)

Gray pipe cleaner (for hair)

Fur (body/head) – 12 “ x 18”

Tan fun foam (face) – 9” x 12”

Wiggle eyes

Pink and tan felt (tentacles)  - 9” x 12”

Glove (to perform tentacles)

Click here for all the information you need to make your own CLOD puppet, including a “How to” video created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop! 

TIPS for making CLOD diy Jim Henson Puppet

My daughter and I received a kit in the mail to make a CLOD puppet. The instructions which are included in the link above are step by step and do a great job. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Take extra care when cutting the fur because it will look messy if you rush it.
  2. We tried using a glue gun to glue the fabric and it didn't hold. We recommend doing a quick hand sew to hold it better.
  3. When gluing the tentacles on the glove you can use popsicle sticks in each fingers so you don't glue the gloves together.

Now that you have this fun puppet-- head over to watch Earth to Ned on Disney+ today!

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