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Coleman® Power SteelTM Swim Vista SeriesTM II

We had the really fun opportunity to work with Tryazon and Bestway for a really fun review. My kids have been begging for a pool for years. My oldest are competitive swimmers. I've always said no because I have had younger kids at home. Safety was important to me.

Now that my youngest is almost 5, Tryazon had this great opportunity so we said yes! I researched the Coleman® Power SteelTM Swim Vista SeriesTM II and felt that it had really good safety features so I could feel safe having a pool.


What comes with the Coleman® Power SteelTM Swim Vista SeriesTM II?

With the purchase of the Coleman® Power SteelTM Swim Vista SeriesTM II, you will receive the pool, filter, transparent Filter pump, pool ladder, and Pool Cover.

How heavy is the box?

The box is very heavy and it is recommended that you use two people to carry. Inside your main box, everything is separated into smaller boxes so it was really easy to unload and move things around when you are ready to build the pool. Everything was well labeled and came with instructions.

How big is the Coleman® Power SteelTM Swim Vista SeriesTM II pool?

This is a really big pool! The measurements are 22'x52", so you definitely want to make sure and measure your yard to make sure it fits into the space you have.

How long did setup take?

We were really surprised how fast it took to set up the pool. It took about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish to set it up. The instructions are easy to follow, the pieces fit together well and it comes together really fast.

What are the safety features?

This was the most important thing for me with getting a pool. I had to feel like it was safe. This pool comes with a cover and a safety ladder. We will be putting the cover on every time we use it and moving the ladder. It is also really tall, so my youngest couldn't get into it without a ladder. I feel like this is a very sturdy and safe pool.

What type of fabric is it?

This Coleman 22'x52" Power Steel Frame Swim Vista II Round Swimming Pool Set has a Natural-looking rattan wicker print on the outside liner, with unique tile print on the inside liner.

Other fun features

My kids are so excited about the portholes that are built into the sides of the pool. Swimmers can wave and make silly faces as they swim around to the parents who are safely watching from the outside. Don't worry, there isn't any water in the pool with this picture.

We are so impressed with this pool so far and are looking forward to summer when we can go swimming! I have no doubt that we will be hanging out in the pool every day! We highly recommend the Coleman® Power SteelTM Swim Vista SeriesTM II with its easy, no-tool setup and takedown process, durable fabric, safety features and look forward to the perfect summer! Buy now!