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How to make cookies in the air fryer

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If you are wondering How to make cookies in the air fryer you'll want to look at my easy step by step directions below. Air Fryer cookies are super easy and taste delicious!

A row of heart cookies on a white plate

I have had an Instant Pot for awhile now. We probably cook with it weekly. There are so many great, easy, Instant Pot recipes for busy parents.

Some of our favorites are Instant Pot Corn on the Cob, Instant Pot Hard boiled eggs, and Instant Pot Cake.

I am part of an Instant Pot facebook group and I have heard people talking about the Instant Air Fryer but was hesitant to buy it. I'm so glad that I finally did! ( You can get it on Amazon)

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You'll love these Air Fryer Mac and Cheese Balls!

I have had my Instant Vortex for one week now and I have used it every single day. It is SO easy to use, so don't be scared of it! I will definitely be getting my son one when he leaves for college. I'll probably have to teach him How to clean an Instant Pot.

A close up of an instant pot

Tips for using your Instant Vortex

The first time I used my Air Fryer, I was making a frozen mini pizza. I followed the directions on the back exactly and burned my mini pizza.

I quickly learned that the Air Fryer heats up faster than my oven, doesn't heat up my house, and cooks faster then food cooks in my oven.

Everyones Air Fryer is different, but my recommendation is to take 25 degrees off your cooking temperature and half the cook time. You can definitely experiment to see what works best for you.

An instant pot filled with Cookies

Now, when it comes to using your Air Fryer-- here is a very important question that I am sure you have had. Can you make Cookies in the Air Fryer?



It is super easy. I like to keep frozen cookie dough in my freezer for when I want a snack the the air fryer is perfect because I can easily make one or two cookies.

decorated cookies on a wire rack

How to make cookies in the air fryer

What you need for Air Fryer Cookies

How to make Air Fryer Cookies

  1. Plug in your Air Fryer-- press the Air Fry button. ( You can get it on Amazon)
  2. Set temperature to 325 degrees.
  3. Set cook time for 6 minutes.
  4. Press start
  5. When air fryer finished pre-heating, add cookie dough to air fryer and close door.
  6. With the Instant Vortex, you get a notification half way through to "flip your food". I normally just open the air fryer to make sure the cookies look ok, then close again until time is up.
  7. Remove cookies and cool for 5 minutes.
  8. Frost with your favorite frosting recipe and enjoy!

Pin Air Fryer Cookies for later

A row of heart cookies on a white plate

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